Sunday, 1 January 2017

Book Related Money Saving Hacks for the New Year

Christmas has been and gone and, with it, all our money has slipped away from us. And all those new books we want to buy? A whole new year of amazing releases to buy? Where do we find the money?
Well (and I'm aware at how cliché this sounds), I'm here to help!
I'm undergoing a quick and easy money saving scheme this year in order to save money and plan a huge book spree at the end of the year.
The idea is pretty simple: Every time you finish a book this year, save one pound. For me, this means that by the end of the year I'll have saved roughly around £80 which I can then go treat myself and spend on books. Yes, I have to wait the whole year for the spree but it's an efficient way to keep saving whilst cashing out on the year's expenses.
And you can alter it to fit yourself! If you don't read many books a year and still want to save a lot, you could save £2 for every book you read. And depending on how much free change you have spare, you could save 50p every book- or £3! It can work in any way you wish and it's a simple way to collect a nice jar of money. (It could also be a nice incentive to read lots of books).
I'll be saving £1 for every book I read under 400 pages and £2 for every book over 400 pages to make a nice, sizable amount of money for the end of the year!
Good luck for 2017!

Thanks for reading- I hope you have a great 2017! Feel free to comment any of your own money saving hacks or how much you're going to save per book if you decide to go ahead with this! Stay amazing!

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  1. That is such a cool idea, I might try it myself!