Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Angelfall- Susan Ee BOOK TALK

*** (3.5 stars)
I'd heard a lot of great things about this series and it's been a while since I've jumped into a book about angels so it was a perfect time to pick this trilogy up.
Essentially, Angelfall is a dystopian where Angels have fallen and want our world- in a nutshell. Angelfall follows Penryn- a girl surviving with only her crazy mother and disabled sister. When her sister is taken by an angel, Penryn will do anything to get her back- even enlisting help from the enemy.
This series- especially this first book- reminds me a lot of The 5th Wave because the protagonist is trying to save the sibling and seeks help from the opposition.
As a whole, this book was generally cliché and trite but was enjoyable at the same time.


Penryn was a pretty awesome protagonist. She was kick-ass, strong and sassy. She was very family orientated- which most protagonists are nowadays- and she was smart which I liked.
I liked Raffe but didn't love him. He's an okay character but there weren't any major 'oh my god, I love you' moments. I also found his name very frustrating because, even in my head, I couldn't decide how to pronounce his name. I know it was said in the book but I just didn't like his nickname- he should've just been called Raphael- but that was a really tiny detail irk.
Yes, it was super predictable that there was going to be a romance between the two of them. It was so obvious!!!
I liked the whole sequence where they were caught by the Resistance camp. Obi was a cool character and I think the camp was definitely needed in this book- it introduced more characters which made things more interesting.
And of course I loved Dee-Dum. They were my favourite characters and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that they are the spitting image of Fred and George Weasley...
The end sequence of sneaking into the Aerie was super cool and I love how they infiltrated it.
The kiss!! Oh, obviously there's going to be angst and drama!!! Come on! It was so obvious he was lying about not liking her- it was one of those 'she's better off without me moments so I'd better let her hate me instead of getting too close!'
Let me walk you through how I envisaged the whole experiments and scorpion things- if you don't watch Teen Wolf, you won't get this. I imagined the Dread Doctor's lab and a Chimera of sorts but with a giant scorpion tail. That's it.
When she got paralyzed, I was terrified that they thought she was dead! I thought they'd leave her or bury her without realising!
It was so sad to see Raffe grieving over her and his wings (I don't know which one he was more upset over) and I was so annoyed that he didn't find out that she was alive. Raffe thinks Penryn is dead so we're going to have an emotional reunion in the next book (I hope).
It was maybe a little surprising that all Penryn, her mum and Paige managed to survive and end up at the exact same place in order to be reunited but... coincidence.

Overall, this was a good book but I really want a nicely developed and gripping sequel to draw me more into the story.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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