Thursday, 25 January 2018

Captain America: The First Avenger MOVIE TALK

I liked this movie. Cap will never be my favourite Avenger but this movie was still enjoyable even if it the worst of all the Captain America movies (let's face it.. Winter soldier and Civil War blew this one out of the park). But, I did love the time period (World War 2) and the idea behind the villain. I also love how epic the love interest was because we need more fight in our women and Peggy showcases this perfectly.
This was a good origin story for Cap and it led on nicely for the Avengers movie to take place.

This movie had a nice set of characters. Steve was good and you wanted to root for him from the start because he was so weak and pathetic. However, I will say that Cap is one of my least favourite Avengers because there isn't much depth to him- being a 'good guy' is all they've put into his character.
I also loved Peggy because she was bad-ass, sassy and strong like all heroines should be and I also fangirled super badly when Howard Stark came onto the scene because, let's face it, I have a huge obsession with the Stark family. And you know what they say, like father like son.
The beginning of this movie set up the villain and plot in a nicely efficient way. I like the idea of Hydra and how it interlinks with World War 2 and we saw Red Skull get the Tesseract which also happens to be an Infinity Stone.
We then started the movie with Steve Rogers pre-muscles and... it was too creepy. The effects were great but I couldn't get over how strange it looked- his head was too big for his body!!! It cringed me out the entire time.
Steve desperately wanted to be a soldier but had way too many health problems. But, no worries, Dr Erskine comes along to save the day and allows Steve to enlist. We briefly see the training that Steve goes through and a major point in this sequence is when a false grenade is thrown into the group. Everybody else runs except for Steve- who runs straight for the damned things and hugs it. Honestly, there's a difference between bravery and stupidity! Who in their right mind would go and hug a grenade!! And then, sure, it's a great idea to give super powers to the guy that's suicidal and easily willing to kill himself. What a waste!
But, Cap's selflessness was only a positive to Dr Erskine who decides to give him the super steroids to make Cap all hunky and fit. Watching Cap come out all buff and toned... my reaction was the same as Peggy's- who wouldn't want to reach out and touch such perfection?! (And this scene gets even better when you realise it was unscripted and Hayley Atwell just blindly reached out for Chris Evans' pecks).
And what do they decide to do with this super soldier they now have up their sleeve? They make him perform pathetic little shows and dance routines. Really? Really?! 
Cap soon discovers that Bucky's unit has gone missing and sets off to save his best friend (because we wouldn't expect anything less from Mr. Perfect). Cap so heroically saves Bucky and the others, discovering more about Red Skull's plans on the way. And... all this, only for Bucky to 'die' later...
He enlists help from Peggy and Stark to go back for Red Skull and to end this once and for all. We have a quick Peggy/Steve kiss before he jumps on the plane but, honestly, it was such a fleeting moment and they deserved so much more time together... it's too tragic!!
Cap fights Red Skull on the plane and it's all quite epic. Red Skull handles the Tesseract directly and it kill him completely... leaving us with one less problem, at least. And, finally, Cap goes down with the plane. Honestly, yeah, he could've jumped, but I've been frustrated for so long about this fact that I'm trying to let it go.
He has one last call with Peggy that makes everything all the more heart-breaking and then... crash.
Cap wakes up in the modern day and (fangirling!!!) Nick Fury appears to propose the Avengers initiative. It's. Just. So. Damn. Exciting!
Overall, it was a good movie. Not my favourite but still very enjoyable.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. That's basically how I feel about Captain America as well. I am fine with him, and the movies are enjoyable, but he will never be my favourite. My best friend absolutely adores him though. Looks like you and I will have to be Stark girls all alone...

    1. I will always defend Stark to my dying breath! Everyone always hates on him because he makes mistakes but he's a flawed and complex character which makes him so much more realistic! He has a confident facade because of all the pressures in his life and every mistake he makes is only him trying to make things better for the world. He's such a complex and multi-dimensional character and.... he's amazing.
      Sorry to rant on you but I'm just so happy someone agrees with me...