Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Incredible Hulk MOVIE TALK

I was surprised with how much I liked this movie. I went in with low expectations because I don't know anyone who's favourite superhero/Avenger is the Hulk and he's seemed like the blandest of all Marvel superheros (I obviously hadn't encountered Captain America at that point- kidding, kidding, I like Cap...).
I was a bit of a dunce and thought this was the first movie instead of a sequel so a few things kinda went straight over my head but I don't think that affected my enjoyment of the film. Unfortunately, it didn't star Mark Ruffalo who's the Hulk in the more up to date Avenger franchise but I still feel like Edward Norton did a stellar job with the character.

I really appreciated the opening sequence of the Hulk's origin because, stupid me, made a mistake and thought this was the first movie. So it was super useful to get me up to speed on what had previously happened to the Hulk and how he was made- it helped incredibly when going into this movie.

I like how Bruce Banner is practically the only superhero that doesn't even want to be one. It's refreshing to see such a different hero- a reluctant one. The rest are so noble and have to fight for the good of the world but Bruce runs away and tries to stay out of everything as much as he can. I suppose it also comes from a place where he hurts a lot of people as well instead of just saving them. I quite like that complexity in this hero- the difference between his human and Hulk sides.
A minor thing I liked was the running score of 'days without an accident'. I just thought it was a quirky element to the film and the tracker showed the timeline in an interesting way.
We started off in Brazil where Bruce was hiding out from the government but quickly got found out and barely escaped their clutches. I really enjoyed this chase sequence and, seeing our first glimpse of the Hulk, was super exciting and swiftly got me invested in the movie.
The entire goal for Bruce in this movie was to track down a cure to the radiation poisoning that causes his Hulk side. I like the science that explains the Hulk's powers (one main reason why I think Marvel is better than DC- their explanations are more realistic and air-tight) and Bruce underwent a journey to a university where research on his radiation poisoning was being conducted.
He reunited with Betty and, because I didn't see the original movie (stupid, stupid) I had to make a lot of assumptions over what had happened in their relationship. Betty was an okay character but there wasn't much oomph in her and she was too much of a damsel-esque supporting love-interest that Bruce had to protect.
The cure at the University didn't end up working and the Government tracked him down there which was followed up by a really epic fight scene that I enjoyed. The Government forces are trying to take Hulk down and it was so entertaining!
We then had the rise of Blonsky with him making himself into the Abomination. It was a pretty generic villain but added a nice element of risk by the final scenes. We headed to New York where the Hulk and Abomination battled it out which was, again, very well done as a fight sequence. I will say that I was a little disappointed at the end where the Hulk didn't kill the Abomination because... he's too damn self-righteous (and stupid) to kill his enemy.
But the post credit scene made up for any (and I mean any) flaws because it starred Tony Stark (aka. Iron Man). I was not expecting this at all and I was fangirling like crazy. It was a great scene where we introduced the idea of the Avengers which was all too exciting!!

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