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Riverdale 1x05 'Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness' TV TALK

As always, so much happened in this episode and it was as powerful and addictive in its usual way. I love all the clues being dropped but still feel like they're trying to divert us from who the murderer really is and I think it'll be a massive surprise by the end. And that's what makes this series so damn addictive!!

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We spent a lot of this episode with Cheryl which I didn't actually mind. She may be a grade-A bitch but she has some really nice moments.
She wakes up from a bad dream after sleeping in Jason's bed which was weird from the get-go because all the twincest implications are getting way too cringey now. We find out she was writing a eulogy for Jason's funeral but her mother, Penelope, is having none of that because... all the parents in this show are bitches.
Cheryl invites Veronica over to a sleepover in their creepy gothic house which is most definitely haunted and I quite like this tentative friendship growing between them- it's not quite the level of 'B and V' yet but it's still nice. They have a vulnerable chat about how Cheryl's doing after getting ready for bed in stiletto heels and pearl necklaces because even pyjamas are formal in this town, apparently.
Meanwhile Archie, in his little Archie world, is working out so he can become the new football captain to get a scholarship. Archie and Reggie are competing for the spot but, in the end, Archie gives it away anyway so the whole thing was pointless. Are they trying to convince me that Archie isn't the most self-centred guy in the universe? Because I'm not buying it.
With his music, pussycat Valerie recommends Archie to this super producer guy, Oscar Castillo. But Castillo quickly dismisses Archie's music as 'repetitive' and 'juvenile' and Archie realises he actually has to work in life to be good at something... surprising, right?
Betty, Jughead and Kevin are meanwhile at the school working on their new murder board for Jason's murder. And they also start to investigate the crime themselves because obviously the police in this town suck at their job if a bunch of teens can find out more information than them.
Betty asks her dad about Polly and we find out Polly and Jason had a devastating fight and Polly then tried to commit suicide. He claims they sent her away so she wouldn't hurt herself any longer but... I don't trust him...
Over to Hermione, she gets sent a snake as a message from the serpents, and then calls Fred to help her out with it. He then makes the terrible business decisions to hire her... because her being involved with the serpents is obviously the perfect criteria for an employee.
And then we have the funeral!
The Blossoms invite all the suspects to Jason's funeral because that's just how twisted that family is.
As a sort of defiance towards her parents, Cheryl appears in all white which was just amazing!! I may not like her much but I respect her so much for this and she slayed! She delivers the eulogy despite her mother's wishes and it's such a powerful moment. Clearly, her mum isn't too happy about it all, though, and blames Cheryl for Jason's death which must be so difficult for Cheryl to deal with. I'm happy that Veronica was there to comfort her.
Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead take the inside opportunity to sneak into Jason's room and look for clues. I was expecting something to jump out at me and, damn, when Aunt Rose sat there and unveiled herself... it scared the heck out of me. But, as she thought Betty was Polly, she reveals some interesting info: Polly and Jason were engaged! I really don't think Polly is as crazy as everyone is making out.
Betty confronts her dad about this information and finds out that they knew all along (because all the parents in this show are manipulative, that's why!!). We learn about the history of a family feud between the Blossom's and Cooper's which essentially makes Polly and Jason the Romeo and Juliet of this situation. And we all know how Romeo and Juliet ended...
But there was murder in the past between the Cooper's and Blossom's and it all over... maple syrup. Yes, maple syrup is apparently serious business in this town. So much, it's laughable.
We then see Mr Cooper handling the stolen file from last episode and it all makes sense! He wasn't at the drive in and was the one to steal all the Sheriff's evidence! And yet... I don't think he's the killer. I still think it's too early on in the series to know who the murder is. I feel like they're trying to divert our attention from the real killer... and that's what makes this series so damn good!

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