Thursday, 27 April 2017

Writing Diary #9- I Get By with a Little Help from my... Brother

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As well as my novel that I've recently finished the second draft for, I've had an idea for another and have started an extensive plan for the first book (I'm calling this Project Prophecy). With my first novel, I didn't have much of it planned and went where the story took me but for Project Prophecy, I'm planning it all to a tee.
And I'm feeling so buzzed!! I've been a little down lately and a little creatively dissatisfied as I've had nothing to work on but.... now I'm super excited!
I've just had a 'meeting' discussion with my brother over the full timeline of my new story and all the details and I'm super happy with the outcome! Talking to Ryan (I feel like I've mentioned my brother enough that I can use move to first-name basis on here), has opened... a fountain of possibilities, if you will, and suddenly I have so many great ideas that will work really well!!

I just want to get to writing the first draft but have to hold myself back in order to do sufficient planning and in depth, scene for scene plans. I'm trying this different organised technique for this project just because it's a completely different approach to my first novel and I want to see what works best for me personally as a writer. Hopefully this method will make writing the first draft easier as I'll know exactly what happens.
In short, I'm so excited with the ideas we came up with and I've regained my motivation to write and be creative which is great!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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  1. See! Further evidence as to why I wish I had an older sibling!!!!!!

    1. What? Ashton doesn't help you?!?!? *gasps in shock*