Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Walking Dead 3x05 'Say The Word' TV TALK

This was a very emotional driven episode in the grand scheme of things- we've all been through a lot and morale is extremely down while problems are rapidly rising. But, still, it was entertaining!!!
Also, two words: Cherokee. Rose.
Oh, the feels!!!!! This needs to freaking resolve itself!!

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It was intense to watch Rick's mindset. He didn't say a single word until the final scene -hello?- and it was so captivating to watch such raw emotion in his character- a character who always keeps morale high and supports everyone else. This episode had such great acting by Andrew Lincoln (he deserves a gold star!). It was just so difficult to watch him go on that Walker-killing rampage and then turn on Glenn!! He's in a really bad place and it makes the show even more darker than it already was!
Members of our group we doing various things this episode; Maggie and Daryl were on a hunt for baby formula and Glenn dug some graves with the help of the two prisoners.
I hate that they all think that Carol is dead! Where is she? She was still alive the last time I saw her- she must be around somewhere! I hate that they just assume she's dead- have a little faith in her!
I need a Carol/Daryl reunion when he's relieved that she's alive and they hug it out... I freaking need that like I need oxygen.

It broke my heart to see Daryl visit Carol's grave- he placed a Cherokee rose there and my heart then proceeded to resurrect itself just to break all over again (I know I'm being very melodramatic). But they're my ship and I love them and I can't wait for them to find each other again!
This episode had too much for my heart to handle because Daryl holding a baby is my new favourite aesthetic. It's always cute when a guy holds a baby but with Daryl? It's the best thing in the world.
It was lowkey hilarious when Carl started suggesting names for the baby- literally listing off every female who'd died... which happened to be a long list. Bless Carl's soul.

We also followed the less interesting side of crazy over at Woodbury in these episodes. Stupid Woodbury and stupid Governor. I feel kinda sad that his kid's a Walker but... he keeps her as a pet and it's sorta creepy- it's like the barn full of Walkers all over again. Then Michonne knowing the two Walkers she'd previously chained up as pets... what's with people and keeping their loved ones as pets in this show!!!
I'm so happy that Michonne is leaving (good for you, girl!) and Andrea will definitely regret staying. I don't care how staged those Walker fights are... it's insane. I will never agree with those fights- Andrea needs to make a break for it now.
One thing I love about Michonne is her stares... I swear she spends a good ten screen minutes in each episode death staring something or someone. We're always zooming into her glares and I kinda love it.

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