Saturday, 29 April 2017

April Wrap Up 2017

It was a month of re-reads this month- bar a couple at the end of the month. Great quality as well! Many five star books that I'd definitely recommend! I read 10 books this month!!! I don't know where I find the time, honestly.

Half-Blood (Covenant #1)- Jennifer L. Armentrout (Re-read)
This was an ultimate re-read for me- it's one of my favourite series ever and it's the first ever JLA book I ever read- holding sentimental value to me because of that. This series has the best and sassiest characters you will ever meet and each book gets better and better.

Pure (Covenant #2)- JLA (Re-read)

Lo and behold, this book just got better. This series is so captivating and is so funny! JLA creates the most likeable characters and her prose is so humorous! I fly through these books so quickly (even when I've read them three times and know exactly what happens) because they are simply some of the best fantasy, Greek mythology books out there- eat your heart out, Percy Jackson.

Deity (Covenant #3)- JLA (Re-read)

This is arguably my favourite of the series. So much happens in this instalment and it makes my heart so happy! This is also the biggest of the series and lots of long awaited things come into play. I will also say that this book has the best frigging cliffhanger out there!

Elixir (Covenant #3.5)- JLA (Re-read)
I most definitely, definitely, definitely, recommend reading this before Apollyon. This is a novella that takes place between Deity and Apollyon in another character's point of view and... you need to read it!! If you get the British version of these books (these covers), the novella is included in the bind up of Deity so I'd strongly suggest getting that copy.

Apollyon (Covenant #4)- JLA (Re-read)
This is my other favourite book of the series. I love the elements explored in this sequel and sped through it with my heart in my throat. A lot of action happens in this book and such a massive chunk of it leads on to the finale- setting up vital issues that will impact the characters hugely.

Sentinel (Covenant #5)- JLA (Re-read)
This book always fills me with such sadness and nostalgia because I never want the series to end. When comparing the characters from book 1 to this finale makes me cry because these characters have been through so much and the character development is effortless and yet astonishing! I feel so proud of these characters and the ending of this series was the perfect ending.

The Return (Titan #1)- JLA (Re-read)
The Titan series is a spin-off of the Covenant series following essentially the same characters but introducing a few more and focusing on a different pair. At first, it's a bit annoying because all you want to do is read in the original character's perspective but, after a while, you kinda just get over it and appreciate the fact that it's a new character's journey- though I will always stay loyal and true to the original pair. This is a New Adult series as opposed to the Covenant series being Young Adult so there is much more... mature content so maybe not for younger readers just yet.

The Power (Titan #2)- JLA (Re-read)
This was such a strong sequel- it was miles above the first book and.... there was a certain part I was just waiting for and it made me sob!! The characters are so sassy and beautiful and the character development is just stunning and a pleasure to read!

The Struggle (Titan #3)- JLA 
This is the most recent release and it was so amazing! The last book comes out next year and I am super pumped. I'm a tad bitter about a certain thing that happened simply because I wanted it to happen for other characters first but... I'll let it go just this once. I'll have a full Book Talk up soon hopefully!

Much Ado About Nothing- William Shakespeare (Re-read) 
I hate this book. I hate Shakespeare. I hate that I need to know it for my English Literature exam. Enough said. I hate it so much that it doesn't even deserve a picture next to it.

It Ends With Us- Colleen Hoover 
This was an impulse read that I picked up and it was too phenomenal for words!!! Colleen Hoover manipulates the reader's feeling so well to ensure that the maximum amount of pain is inflicted on them and it is such an effortless skill on her part! I fell straight into her trap, straight into her characters, straight into her plot and I'm forever a changed person. I would recommend everyone reading it because it is stunning but I would advise not reading any blurbs or synopses because that could potentially give the plot points away. Have fun with losing your sanity over this book!!!

Honourable mention:
Frankenstein- Mary Shelley (Book of the Month)
This was supposed to be the Book of the Month for April but unfortunately I haven't finished it yet- it is only a re-read so it doesn't matter too much anyway. I'm hoping to finish it next month before my exams start. Here's hoping!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- what did you read this month? Stay amazing!

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  1. Much Ado made me laugh though I definitely agree, as soon as the exams are over it is out of my life!