Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Walking Dead 3x07 'When the Dead Come Knocking' TV TALK

This was a very stressful episode to watch- lots of terrible things are happening to beautiful characters and it's so difficult to watch all the pain!!! Why can't we just go back to happily singing around campfires??
I went through many emotions in not a lot of time and, frankly, was a bit hysterical by the end.
But I suppose that's a good thing- I would never ask for anything less.

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I love how we started with a little reunion with Carol and the group! Her hugging Rick and finding out about Lori was a total tear-jerker and it was a punch in the gut to realise that Carol would essentially be the baby's mother figure now.
But, to more important things... where was the Daryl/Carol hug? Yeah, he carried her back to safety but where was that hug?!? We didn't have nearly enough Daryl in this episode.
Michonne was 'welcomed' to the group in this episode but it was more like a reluctant acceptance on Rick's part. The only reason she's still there is because she knows where they've taken Glenn and Maggie.

We decided the baby's name in this episode and, while I'm sure this was a very magical moment for many people (???), I actually have to admit that I hate the name Judith. What in the heck were you thinking, Carl? Couldn't you have thought of something nicer? (I mean no offence to anyone with the name Judith- I'm sure you totally make it work).
This was the episode where I completely lost my shit with the Governor! I mean, I've always hated the guy but he's just climbed the ladder of douche-baggery a bit too high and I'm preying that he falls off of it and dies. How dare he touch my beautiful Glenn and Maggie!?
Glenn was beaten to a freaking pulp and yet he still kicked ass against that Walker- even when he was tied up!!! That requires special skill that's reserved for my baby Glenn. That's my boy!
And making Maggie strip was a low move... you bastard! I was cringing the entire time and thank the lord that he didn't do anything further than what he did.
It was awkward when Glenn was talking with Merle and mentioned that Andrea was with them... that was a face palm moment because Merle suddenly knows full well that he's lying but... how was Glenn to know-it was a good strategy.
Andrea, as usual, was off in Andrea land where everything is perfect, she's landed prince charming and it's totally normal to be experimenting on people with Milton. When the hell is this chick going to be killed off? Milton would so have been dead if Andrea wasn't there to save his butt but I do understand the intent behind these hopeless experiments- the Governor just wants his daughter back.
I can't wait to see Rick, Daryl and everyone kick ass against Woodbury- I can't wait for them find Merle and Andrea and....!!!!! It'll be so good!!!

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