Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Walking Dead 3x06 'Hounded' TV TALK

I loved this episode (no surprises there, then). I'm so excited that certain characters are beginning to meet and find out that others are still alive. We had a lovely little reunion and it poses very very interesting plot lines for the future.

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This was another very hard episode for Rick's character. He was in a really bad place and that shone through in his screen time- darkening the show even more.
I was instantly wary of the 'people' on the phone. Rick was not in a good place and it was very sketchy from the beginning that they knew specific things about Rick and the group. I like how it turned out to be a hallucination of former group members- Amy, Jim and Jacqui. I'm surprised I didn't recognise their voices earlier.

Merle was a front-runner in this episode- he manages to get involved in everything. To begin with, he was on the search for Michonne and I just admire how bad-ass she is! She basically slaughters Merle's entire group (apart from him, the slimy bugger), gets stabbed and still manages to get away! I also loved the part where the Walkers go straight past her when she has Walker guts all over her- oh, the nostalgia of season 1 where sweet ol' Glenn and Rick covered themselves in Walker insides in order to get out of the city... I believe the episode was titled 'Guts'.
It was awesome when Glenn and Maggie bumped into Merle! Glenn's reaction was priceless and the little action sequence was superb! Thank God Glenn didn't tell him the whereabouts of the group but damn Merle for kidnapping them. I can't express how thankful that Michonne witnessed the whole thing and can go to tell Rick and the others.
I'm super happy that Michonne is now with the group- I've been waiting so long for them to meet! Now the group can find out that Andrea is actually alive and that they'd ditched her!
The best part of this episode, though, was Daryl finding Carol. Thank God Daryl was the one to find Carol- I wouldn't have accepted anything less!! My beautiful ship!!! And he carries her back which was super cute!!!
I also love how Daryl calls the baby "lil' ass kicker". it makes my heart super happy.
Andrea is really starting to annoy me- she's to trusty of the Governor (or should I say Phillip)  and she liked those fights with the Walkers?! And then she goes and bloody sleeps with the guy! Like I've said before; Andrea doesn't have a good taste in men; first Shane and now the Governor.

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