Friday, 7 April 2017

Cosplay Adventures #1 with Kaitlin!!!

In honour of World Book Day 2017, I partnered up with Kaitlin @ Liber Amoris to overcome public anxiety and showcase our book pride in the name of reading... and look awesome whilst doing it!

Starring (drum roll, please):
Kaitlin as Katniss Everdeen
Chloe as Emma Carstairs 

Kailtin as Katniss Everdeen                                         Chloe as Emma Carstairs

Although we got a lot of weird looks (a lot, a lot of weird looks), we pulled it off pretty epically, like the wizards we are. Surprisingly, after a while we really got into it and managed to ignore the fact that we stuck out like sore thumbs. In fact (!!!!), a highlight of my time was a guy behind the counter of The Works asking whether my runes were real tattoos and I was stunned by the fact that he knew what book series they were from! See ladies, there are guys out there who read! And who knew that Kaitlin has a future career as a tattoo artist!?!?

It was a bit awkward at first, walking around a public place with everyone giving you odd looks and probably wondering how sad we were but... they're obviously not as cool as we are- they should be the ones that are embarrassed! Me and Kaitlin got so comfortable, we even asked someone to take a photo of us!!!

And, of course, we bought books!! How could we visit our local book shops, awkwardly take photos inside without explicit permission, without bringing home an armful of books to show for our strife?
Kaitlin came home with The Young Elites trilogy and Anne Frank's diary while I collected The Young Elites trilogy also and The Walking Dead Volume One comic!
On the way home, we stopped off at our local park (we're not creep stalkers of kids, I swear) and decided to take some cool, artsy photos there.

At the risk of this post being too picture heavy, I'm going to leave the photography A+ skills for now... there's many many more photos where they came from, though. I'll soon (hopefully) have a full gallery page up on this blog for you guys to flick through the entirety of the pictures (there're epic jumps and stage fights as well) but, if you can't possibly wait that long, I'll leave a link to Kaitlin's post on her blog where she's shared a lot more photos of the day than me (she has a lot more patience with organising photos on her blog :) ).  KAITLIN'S POST HERE

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- what book character would you dress up as? Stay amazing!


  1. And there's me thinking that I wanted to be an author........ tattoist here I come!

    1. Yep, I've decided. Author by day, Tattooist by night!