Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Vampire Diaries 8x10 'Nostalgia's a Bitch' TV TALK

Nostalgia is definitely a bitch. That's what we established in this episode. This is a Damon Salvatore quote from season one said to Anna (ahhh- remember Anna? I loved her) and it's fits perfectly for this episode. I'm super impressed with all the chosen quotes for these episodes- I look forward to them as much as the actual show content.


That Violet girl didn't last very long at all!! I knew she'd end up dead but not in the first three minutes of the next episode!
Of course Damon would trap himself inside his own head until he could forgive Stefan. It's typical Damon to go all brooding now that his humanity's back.
I love that Caroline and Bonnie both had to forgive Damon- it shows a lot of promise for their future relationships. I also love the fact that we see Damon's thoughts. We find out what he blames himself for (namely Vicki and Tyler etc).
And we got to see old characters! I wasn't as bothered with Tyler (we only saw him a while ago) but seeing Vicki and Liz was super nice.
It was such a big thing for Caroline to see her mum and Bonnie to see Grams again. Although, I feel kinda bad for Caroline because her mum starts freaking torturing her whilst Bonnie has a nice cup of tea with her Grams. Some people are just spoiled, am I right?

I love how Stefan just butts into everything now. He supposedly doesn't care but he manages to be everywhere at once- making deals with everyone. Good ol' sneaky Stefan.
I knew it'd turn back to Stefan forcing Damon to be a vampire- it always does! I even thought for a tiny second that Damon would flip Stefan's humanity switch back on. Stefan was getting pretty annoyed and I thought that it may spark some emotion in him but... no such luck. Damon will definitely be the one to flip his switch, though.
Matt and his inner turmoil about saving the town and becoming a martyr is interesting and all but... it's not, really, I don't care, Matt!!! I feel bad but I just can't bring myself to give a flying hoot!!
I was just starting to love Seline- how conniving and evil she was and...poof, she's gone. It was a bit of an anticlimactic ending for the illusive and indestructible sirens... I thought there'd be a more epic ending for them but... Cade pops up and burns them. Huzzah, the wicked witches are dead.
It's weird how Damon gets his humanity back and is suddenly all nice to Matt and perfectly fine with everyone.
Yay! They have Stefan trapped! Let's go through the process of getting someone's humanity back for the millionth time- because we've never done that before! It's a completely new and original plot point! (I truly apologise for my sarcasm).

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