Monday, 24 April 2017

The Walking Dead 3x08 'Made to Suffer' TV TALK

This episode was super humorous, entertaining and bad-ass!! We meet a few new faces in this one and lots of things are happening!!!! Lots and lots of exciting things!
Honestly, there's not much I can say in non-spoiler sections this far into the show but, if you haven't for some reason looked into watching this show, I beg you to try it. You'll thank me for it later!

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We start the episode with new characters which is cool and everything but... all I really care about is our own group at the moment. We meet Tyreese, Sasha, Ben, Allen and Donna- the latter three probably destined to die by the end of the season... oh, look. Donna kicked the bucket already. Way to go Donna! One down, two to go.
Watching Andrea act all lovey-dovey with the Governor is sickening. It's the cringiest thing and it makes me want to sock Andrea over the head for being so blind!
And then, the Governor goes to his daughter and sings a lullaby to her! He's purely delusional and God help us all if he doesn't die ASAP.

I'm so happy that Glenn and Maggie reunited but... I just wish it was under better conditions. Poor Glenn is so damn frustrated and thinks that Maggie's been raped! It's too much heart-ache for me to cope with,
I honestly don't understand what the Governor has against our group! What does it matter that they live in a completely separate area, not in your way at all? Mind your own business!
I think it's sweet that Merle is ensuring Daryl's safe but... I almost don't want him reuniting with Daryl and influencing him. Daryl is a changed man- he's so much better now- and I don't want Merle to bring him down. Daryl isn't who Merle thinks he is anymore and would never take the group down from the inside.
Axel flirting with Beth and then assuming that Carol was a lesbian! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard in this show and how he went on to say... 'well, that's interesting.' and Carol just replying 'no it's not' and walking off!! Sassy Carol! I really love her now! She's grown so much from her shy and no-backbone self from season 1 with that abusive husband. It only took the death of him and her daughter but she's awesome now-not that snivelling mess on the floor!
The group sweeping in to save Glenn and Maggie was glorious!! It was such a edge of your seat sequence because everyone knew everyone but didn't know that they were shooting at each other!! I just want them to find out that Andrea's alive!!!
Rick is going a little cray cray now... hallucinating Shane and whatnot.
And poor Oscar got shot... oh, well. I didn't care about him much.
I was so pumped when Michonne discovered the Governor's daughter and killed her- yes! You go, girl! And that was a nice eye shot as well!
I can't believe Andrea pulled her gun on Michonne. Surely Andrea must see how crazy he is now she's seen his head tanks!!! Run now, girl. Run!!
Daryl!! Well, at least Daryl and Merle are reunited... I swear to God if anyone touches my beautiful Daryl, I will riot. The group needs to get into gear and save Daryl!!! What a cliffhanger on this episode!!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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