Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Writing Exercises #3- Top 100 Words

The basic idea for this writing exercise is to create a short, story poem, etc., using only the top 100 most frequently used words. You don't need to use all of them but it's still so goddamn difficult!!!! The most used words are so insignificant that it's hard to write anything coherent with them but I gave it a good try anyway.
I'll link the list of the top 100 most frequently used words here if you'd like to give it a go yourself.
With mine, I firstly constructed sentences that would make sense and then I shoved them together to make an... abstract piece- it works!
So here goes my example...(don't judge too harshly).

How did I get into this?
How? Why? When?
This day, this year.
I know that person
but I don't
which way do I go?
with who can I be me?

time will not give.
work will not
because any one of these days,
they will see.
I am not good.
I am not her.

time is a then and now.
or so I think
I want them to like me,
the two with it all.

I want to see them.
I want to know them.
I want to be them .
because why would I want to be me?
a person who thinks way too much
A being that can't think right?

Who do I be?
How do I be?
Or should I be no one
no one at all

-Chloe Harris

Thank you so much for reading! Comment or email me your attempts- I'd love to see them! Stay amazing!

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