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Perfect- Cecelia Ahern BOOK TALK

This book was perfect (yes, I'm completely aware of how this is a terrible pun). It was just as good as the first book and kept me gripped and excited the whole way through.
I received this book as an ARC and read it last month but, now that's the books finally been released, I can post my Book Talk!!
I love the family aspect in this book and how the political angle of the book was executed. The whole political angle was captivating and intrigued me when this topic in a book usually bores me.
The story was superbly paced and everything came together beautifully in the end.
This novel explores of an alternate perfect society where people are punished and branded for being morally Flawed. Their skin gets branded and their segregated from the rest of society. The first book, Flawed, was fascinating and stunning, so I'd definitely recommend this book for anyone!
Flawed Book Talk

First off, I loved how symmetrical this book was to Flawed. The book started with a definition of the title, short first chapter and then a chapter beginning with a quote from her Granddad. This was a really small detail but I really appreciated it- being the organised and detailed person I am.
I didn't mention it in my Flawed Book Talk, but I adore her Granddad. He's a stubborn guy who stands up for his beliefs- 'set in his ways' is the perfect phrase to describe him, I think. He's brilliant and endlessly entertaining. He's also extremely loyal which I appreciate in this world.
I've waited for more Carrick/Celestine interactions for a painfully long time and it was brilliant to see them together- I had a major fangirl over them.
Celestarrick (the ship name I've given them) are so beautiful together and I waited so long for them to kiss each other's scars!!! I will say, though, that they got together a lot quicker than I thought they would.
Lennox is a new character I really liked. He reminds me of Cassian from the ACOTAR book by Sarah J. Maas and maybe that's why I like him so much- he's a funny, lovable and sassy character.
Pet Peeve Alert; Though it was minor in this case, I hate it when characters (especially ships) don't communicate! They keep needless secrets and it creates a drama that's not necessary! If you keep a secret, the other will eventually find out another way, will feel betrayed and a whole drama is created for no reason. Just trust each other and communicate!
Rant over.
We've spent this entire series with one rule: Don't trust anyone! And then Celestine goes and trusts this seemingly perfect Flawed family! Screw you, Bahee, you bastard. I only trusted him because I pictured him as Beetee from The Hunger Games. Rookie mistake.
I was disgusted when I thought that the whole reason Celestine wanted a lawyer etc. was to only get her brand overturned. I thought she only wanted to help herself and I was so frustrated. (Sorry for doubting you, Celestine).
Further into the book, we met Raphael Angelo and I freaking loved this guy. He reminded me of Magnus Bane and Sherlock all rolled into one which just equals fabulous. He was so great and made the book a lot more light-hearted.
Wasn't it obvious that Carrick was working with Enya Sleepwell? I thought he'd been with her from the second we saw her. Enya was always with Carrick in court so... it didn't really surprise me that he was supporting her. I did start to get doubts about Carrick's true intentions with Celestine, though- I don't blame her for jumping to those conclusions.
In the previous book, I wasn't a huge fan of Juniper but I truly respected her and grew to love her in this one. When she stepped up to take Celestine's place in the hospital! It brought tears to my eyes when Celestine's family were whole-heartedly supporting her- such a beautiful sense of family was created.
Meeting Enya Sleepwell was interesting and I loved how strong Celestine has grown through this. She's prepared to anything to help the Flawed and she's no longer selfish or na├»ve when dealing with people who could easily trick her like Enya.
I was so happy at how Celestine played Sanchez. I was sorry to ever have doubted about Celestine's true intentions and watching her take control of the situation made me so proud of her!
The march was super tear-jerking- especially when we joined up with Lennox etc. I loved how Celestine stood in front of everyone and became a leader- how she unveiled that brand footage was so empowering!
I was so happy when she had that interaction with Art and branded herself perfect. It was a lovely and strong symbol.
I have conflicted feelings on Art- he could be considered good or bad. I forgive him but he did make a lot of bad decisions. Having said that, he was forced by his dad a lot of the time so...
I knew the second that crazy Mary May walked in with a gun that Art would be the one shot. It just made sense in my head- it was a tiny bit predictable.
The ending was perfect!!! I love the integration of so many tiny details:
- Another reference to a weed to book end the novel from the beginning- Cecelia Ahern does this so effortlessly.
- Everything being safe and happy- it was such a feel-good ending!!
- Shipping Juniper and Lennox!! Hell yes! They sort of remind me of Cassian and Nesta from ACOMAF so... of course I'm going to love them!
- The strawberry picking was such a nice reflection of their childhood memories.
- She can taste again! This minor issue has been weaved through the entire and it was so satisfying to have that last end all tied up for us. Her being able to taste Carrick's kiss... I was majorly fangirling!
The ending chapter to this duology was just perfect. It was a phenomenal ending that I personally loved- it did the entire duology justice!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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