Monday, 3 April 2017

The Walking Dead 3x04 'Killer Within' TV TALK

This was such an amazing episode- my favourite of the series so far. It was so tension filled and panicky!! Very very panicky!! I was on the edge of my entire seat the entire time and for the first time in a long time.... there was ugly crying.
I also love the title of this episode cause it refers to so many things.... and my literary geek just appreciates how clever it is.

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We got little snippet of Woodbury in this episode but it is definitely not the sole focus. Merle wants to find Daryl which is kinda nice and I can't wait for Michonne to find some evidence against the Governor and prove Andrea wrong about him being good.

We start with some pretty mundane rubbish- we're all deciding whether it's ethical or not to kill Axel and Oscar (the last two prisoners), let them join the group or kick them out. It's nothing we haven't discussed a billion times in the past.
But then... the Walkers! That last prisoner that I forgot completely about lured a load of Walkers to our group and... hell, we're trapped!! Poor Hershel is struggling because he's on crutches and the timing was very convenient to happen at the exact moment he tried to walk outside in them.
We had a very close call with Rick and his fight against that last prisoner but Oscar saved him which brings up the idea that, if they live, they've earned their place in the group.
Then the prison alarm goes off and I'm cringing the entire time because it's just attracting more Walkers!! Rick and co. immediately go to sort it out which is good but I'm panicking a lot by this point. The whole thing is sabotaged and everyone is running around terrified- making me terrified too!
We lost T-dog in this episode because he gets bitten. As soon as he was bitten, he was a goner but I'm so thankful he stayed with Carol and made sure she was safe- sacrificing himself once more to ensure that she survived. Not that we see Carol meet with the others at the end. Where is she?
The main action was Lori, though. Because timings are perfect in TV shows, Lori decides to go into labour during the Walker invasion. Super. Because of course this end well. It's hard to stay quiet when you're in labour and silence is kinda needed to stop Walkers coming towards you.
Poor Maggie having to try and the deliver the baby but I feel even more sorry for Carl. He not only had to watch his mum in labour, but watched her have a C-section, (which involved a lot of blood and screaming), die and then shot her.
Watching Lori say goodbye to Carl was devastating- I was close to crying at that point. It must've been so hard for him to bear and having to watch her stomach get cut into and she screamed bloody murder... it'll scar the kid for sure.
And he shot her! I feel so sorry for him but at least the baby got out alright- well done, Maggie! But now we have a crying baby that will attract Walkers...
But the worst pat of this episode was the group finding out about Lori- especially Rick. His face and him crying... just set me off too. It's probably the most devastating moment of TWD so far and it was excruciatingly difficult to watch.

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