Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Vampire Diaries 8x09 'The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch' TV TALK

This episode was essentially a flashback of the Miss Mystic Falls episode in season one- the title for this episode more than fitting. I liked this episode more than the last but we did get some monotonous conversations and predictable plot lines... I'm really hoping the story line picks up again- this is the last ever season for Christ's sake!

This episode was also very Elena-orientated...
Elena Mentions: 21
Elena Flashbacks: 11
Elena Indirect References: 5

This was a really important episode for Damon- he finally fought off Sybil and is starting to make his way back to Elena. I love how Sybil deliberately dressed like Elena- there were so many flashback parallels from season one and now.
I also felt super sorry for Caroline- having to deal with Evil Stefan around. He's was tormenting her throughout this episode and I don't blame her for killing him- nice throw with that stake, Care!
I love the bond that's beginning to grow between Care and Damon- they're supporting each other in the absence of their loves (because Bonnie's not doing anything useful/supportive now that she has Enzo). Caroline also understands the extent of what Sybil did to Damon's mind and is already starting to forgive him for the things he couldn't control.
Caroline said such a.... Caroline line in this and I just had to highlight it because it's such a prime reason as to why Caroline is arguably my favourite character in this entire show:
"It should look effortless ladies and don't forget to smile... But not because society says you have to but because you're happy to be at such an illustrious town event!"
If you compare Season 1 Caroline to Season 8 Caroline, there's such a huge difference. She's grown so much as a person and she's just super amazing now. Caroline should never change.

We had a bit of sappy Bonnie/Enzo drama in this episode and it was a bit whiny for my taste. Bonnie would've become a vampire and that's sweet and all but... now I'm just envisioning a New Moon kinda problem- Bonnie growing old without Enzo. But, in theory, if Bonnie became a vampire, she would die and then, technically, wouldn't Elena wake up? But now Enzo's going to become human, maybe? How the hell are we going to do that- why do we always conveniently have an extra cure up our sleeve when it's currently in Elena's veins!!!
Bonnie and Enzo are sweet and I do ship them but... they're just always wrapped up in their own issues. We never seeing them fighting or being kick-ass with the rest of the group- they're always having the same, romantic and mushy conversations reassuring their love for each other. Kiss, make up and then do something interesting, guys!!!
I'm loving Seline now!! "How dumb are you on a scale of Matt to Alaric?" She's brilliantly devious and entertaining!
I didn't like the dance as much in this episode compared to the one in season one. There was too much talking in this version- in the original, it was silent and beautiful.
I'm really excited that Damon has truly started to fight back against Sybil. He remembers snippets of Elena and this is spurring him to fight against Sybil's hold- my Delena heart is happy. I'm so happy that he's kidnapped Sybil and it will be interesting to see her in a position of vulnerability. It didn't take long for her to start crying, though! I thought she was stronger than that but one little insight into her personality and she's bawling. Giving Damon his humanity back was a last ditch-effort on her part but... is it really a bad thing? Yeah, he'll go through a nice period of guilt and self-loathing but... after that, everything will be fine.
Yay we have a new vampire. She won't last long.

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