Saturday, 24 March 2018

Westworld Season 2 Predictions and Theories!!!

You have no idea how excited I am for this next series!! We've had a few trailers and they all look stunning which is completely unsurprising with this show. Season 2 looks like it will be just as unpredictable and addictive as the last and there are many theories on what could possibly happen...

For obvious reasons, Season 1 spoilers ahead, as I go on to discuss what could happen in Season 2.

Season 1: 1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

1. Elsie and Stubbs
Both Elsie and Stubbs were taken in season 1 while they were in Westworld and it's common knowledge that they're suspected to still be alive. We saw a glimpse of Stubbs in the first Westworld trailer which pretty much confirms his presence but still nothing on Elsie.
Personally, I think she definitely still has to be alive and there's also been hints on the Westworld website to imply that she's coming back. I really hope she returns because Elsie was such a great character and we didn't see enough of her in season 1.
2. Other parks
It's been greatly hinted and now, with the last couple of trailers, practically confirmed that we'll be expanding from simply Westworld. Shotgun/Samurai and Roman world have been hinted and I'm so excited to see how we weave between these worlds. While I'd like to mainly stay in Westworld, it's possible this host revolution we have in Westworld could pick up in every single other world as well.

3. We'll see more of Young William and Logan
While Jimmi Simpson (Young William) has been confirmed to be showing up in season 2, Ben Barnes (Logan) is a bit more of a mystery. But, I think that's it's quite likely we may be seeing Logan again- especially if we're following more of Young William's journey. I must admit- I'd take young or old Logan. On the one hand, I love Ben Barnes so want to see how Logan progressed from where we last saw him (strapped naked to a horse) but seeing him show up as an older man and confronting the MiB.... that would be pretty epic too.

4. Ford's not really dead/ Ford is now a host
It's well known that Ford had been making unregistered hosts and many people think that he made one of himself. Now, there are two ways this theory could go. One: he let Dolores kill the host version of himself and he's still alive somewhere. Two: he was killed by Dolores but created a host of himself similar to what he did to Arnold with Bernard. I think this is such an interesting theory and is actually quite plausible with this show but, at the same time, it's such a common theory now that I think it's too predictable to happen. The showrunners are very careful with how they plan each episode and, as so many people think Ford may not be dead, they would change the game just to surprise us. So, while I love this theory... I don't think they'd be as predictable as to do something like this.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment any thoughts and theories you have. Stay amazing!

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