Tuesday, 7 February 2017

End of Days- Susan Ee BOOK TALK

This was the finale to the Angelfall trilogy and it was probably my favourite in the series with Angelfall being a close second. This book was a lot better (a lot) better than World After and I was generally satisfied with how it all ended and tied up. It was a bit of a fast and rushed ending- especially since World After went so damn slow!- but it was still an enjoyable read.

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Raffe annoyed me many a time in this book- which isn't the best thing when he's supposed to the swoony love interest. Raffe, I know you love Penryn and want to keep her safe but please cut the bull and make up your mind! He had around ten 'last' moments of weakness where he kisses Penryn and each one made me roll my eyes a little more. Make up your Goddamn mind Raffe!

Throughout this book, I loved Beliel more and more and more. I felt sympathetic with him and then, seeing a different side to him, made me love him even more. He was actually super nice and circumstance made him evil (I suddenly realise the parallels with Beliel and Frankenstein's monster- mind blown). And the stupid thing is that he was one of the only characters that I actually wanted to live and so, of course, he dies! Although, that buriel (can I call it that?) ceremony was stunning.
But now I'm trying to fit a pun in with Beliel and buriel...
I liked going to hell. All the watchers are really cool- they're a real team ansd don't abandon their own. The Watchers were like the ultimate bromance and this section of the book was the part that sold the book for me.
Dee and Dum are literally the Fred and George Weasley of this series and no one can tell me differently. At least they both lived this time.... I'm sorry I just went there.
I was so proud of Penryn when she stepped up and became leader in Obi's demise. Take that, Raffe! She isn't going to listen to your every whim and desert her own species!
I like how the humans took a final stand. And the talent show was truly and wonderfully human.
Raffe finally made up his mind and we have a little love declaration at the end which is nice, though...
Is Raffe wanting to stay with Penryn realistic? We've spent the last three books establishing how much he loves his species- loves flying and being an angel and suddenly he's going to give that up when he's always been adamant against it. We haven't seen that big of a love between Raffe and Penryn to warrant him completely abandoning his own race. It's not something I could see Mr Indescisive doing...
Overall, this was a decent series but it certaintly didn't live up to all the hype it had.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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