Monday, 20 February 2017

The Walking Dead 1x01 'Days Gone By' TV TALK

Yes, I'm super late to this train. This first episode premiered in 2010 and 7 seasons have gone by so far. And I'm now just watching this.
I'd head about it for a while but never wanted to invest myself in a series that was so far through already. But... it was on demand and I figured, as I could watch it for free, I would give it a try. I never expected the very first episode to be so terrifying and gripping.
It was overall scary but I don't usually watch 'horror' things so it was definitely terrifying for me. It's also a very graphic TV show so if blood and gore isn't your thing (seeing zombies eat a horse's insides for example) then maybe this program isn't for you.
But it was so gripping too! I became invested so quickly and I couldn't get enough of it! It's one of those programs where you scream at the characters and fidget around a lot because you want the characters to move. I'm glad I watched this when I was in the house alone because I was ordering the characters around like hell and shouting swear words every other second.
So, basically, I loved this premiere.
Would recommend watching it!

I don't know what I was expecting but it was not that!

I liked Rick and was super gripped at the point of him coming out of the hospital to find this zombie-apocalypse situation. He's clever and focused- I think he'll be a good protagonist.
As soon as Rick was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, I was desperately hoping he'd find someone. And Morgan and Duane were perfect. I was so freaking relieved when we found them. It was nice to have the cooperation of humans and I nearly cried when Morgan tried to kill his wife! (I was a bit hysterical through this whole episode and I'm not entirely sure why). I was kind of cheering him on and trying to reassure him that he could do it. He didn't answer me of course...
The Walkers did scare me- some more than others- but each encounter was over pretty quickly- they're not exactly difficult to kill. I hated the one that was half and body and crawling on the floor...I cringe out just think about it. (Which is obviously why I added a picture of it in this post...)
It was bloody at times but that didn't bother me too much (but I did look away when they were eating the horse).
It was so great to see that Lori, Carl and Shane survived!!! I was riding such a high in that scene but then was also so frustrated that Rick couldn't hear them!!! And it was also pretty obvious that Shane and Lori were together- kinda predictable....
One thing I maybe didn't like was that this first episode was primarily lead by men. I know it's only the first episode so...early days but we only saw female characters for roughly three minutes. I hope women become a bigger part of such an interesting plot.
I was so scared for Rick when he went towards the city. I was the literally cliché in a horror movie when you murmur 'no no no' at the screen as if it'll help in any way possible. Seeing that crowd of Walkers scared the crap out of me and my heart was racing so fast as I clutched a pillow to my chest. He was so freaking lucky he made it out that without being bitten!

Overall, this episode surprised me so much but now I'm officially gripped into this series. Well.... I have a lot of watching to catch up on!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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