Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Darkest Minds- Alexandra Bracken BOOK TALK

I loved this book. The dystopian/post-apocalyptic feel was great and it was such an original book which was super refreshing to read. I loved the protagonist- she was fierce and kick-ass- and the gang we established in this book was so amazing- all the characters were brilliant.
The story had great pacing and the road-trip was entertaining and also gripping. There were multiple plot twists and anticipating scenes through the entire book and it nicely kept the pages turning.
The Darkest Minds takes place after a new plague has taken out the majority of the population's children. But the kids that survived are left with powers and are put into cruel concentration camps to rid the world of these abnormalities. It's such an interesting concept and I'd recommend you pick it up!

This book started out a bit slow and confusing for me- it did take a while to get a grip of the story and where we were going with this idea. I thought we'd be staying with Cate, Rob and Martin for a big section of the book and was so happy when Ruby escaped- I didn't like them much.
The crew we established was much better.
Chubs is maybe my favourite character of the entire book simply because he's me. Constantly cynical, criticising everything and he made me laugh so much!
I picture Chubs as a human version of Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks and that image will never change for me; that is Chubs.
Zu is super cute. She's quiet and sweet but underneath, she's got bad-assery that's just waiting to come out. I also adore how excited she gets over clothes and pink things- it's adorable! I was sad that Zu left with another tribe but it's obvious that we'll see her again some when in the series.
And Liam. Hey. *winks*
Liam is the sweetest and most caring love interest I've read in a while and watching him and Ruby slowly bond and form a relationship was lovely. It's so cute how he calls her darlin' and he's just a swoon worthy guy.
I loved the entire road trip with our tribe. They slowly bond with Ruby as their new addition and by the end you know they'd do anything for each other (even Chubs).
It was funny how they were all underestimating her and calling her Green and I loved it when Ruby finally showed her awesome Orange-ness. The gang were disgusted at even the thought of her leaving to keep them safe and I think it was so sweet to see their loyalty to her- she's part of their family now. I do wish she'd told them about the whole 'forgetful' thing but... nobody's perfect?
All through the book, I was terrified that Ruby would accidently make Liam forget about her. And my heart stopped when Liam just casually strolls onto the page saying 'I don't think we've met. I'm Liam' and I gasped so loudly it spurred my brother to ask me if anything was wrong! That was the scariest false alarm and an extremely cruel chapter cliff-hanger. Damn you Liam, that was not a good joke! And this is exactly why Ruby should've told them- to avoid heart attacks like these!
I didn't like it as much when they found the Slip Kid's camp. Zu was all happy by herself, Liam and Ruby never saw each other and Chubs was so lonely!!! Chubs is literally me, though, and I felt so sorry for him!
Clancy was an enigma from the start. I could never fully trust him because he was all too perfect and polished on the surface (and not in a good way like Warner from Shatter Me). He was creepy and there was something not quite right about him.
So, it wasn't really surprising when Clancy unveils himself as a sick psychopath and I instantly felt the urge to kill rising.
I fet so panicked when Chubs got shot! He's my favourite and he cannot die and his letter (non-letter) to Liam was so sweet and loyal!
And God, why did the ending happen! It was so cute how Liam had imagined a different story for them and then Ruby had to do the exact thing I'd been expecting her to do!
Why do you have to rip my heart out like that?!
There was worry through the entire book that she'd accidently get rid of his memories. I needn't worry- she did it on purpose!

I'm worried for the next book because this series now has my number one pet peeve involved (characters forgetting their journey and everything being for nothing- we've read so long for nothing!) and I hope it resolves itself fully- not in a way where we don't explicitly find out whether he gets his memory back or not.

Thanks you for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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