Sunday, 19 February 2017

TVD 8x07 'The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You' TV TALK

A Stefan Salvatore quote to title this episode and it works well.
This episode was the mid-season finale, Christmas special and I loved it! We had sarcasm (bucket loads of it) in this episode and it was so entertaining.
Yes, this review's a bit late but... better late than never!

It's always going to be an interesting episode when we begin with a flashback of the glorious Ripper of Monterey. Though, Stefan definitely needed a shave. And to not, you know... kill an entire camp on Christmas Eve. But no one's perfect, am I right?
What I loved most about this episode was how cheerfully sarcastic everyone was! It was tense but everyone was trying to be polite whilst keeping the holiday spirit! Especially, Caroline.
And of course there's a random Seline and Stefan history! What a small world this is! This show is the epitome of convenient backstories.
It seems like every evil villain that comes onto the show wants Stefan to be a ripper so they can be killing buddies. Cut Stefan some slack, guys!
I think the deal of only 'one year' was mighty generous- though I understand why he did it. We're going to have a nice drama ahead of us with emotionless Stefan. Though, he deserves that deal after Cade took away his last day even when he said Stefan could have one last day with Caroline.
Why am I sad that the twins forgot about Seline? Why is Seline growing on me?
This was such a great mind-season finale and I can't wait to see what the next half has in store for us.

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