Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Walking Dead 1x02 'Guts' TV TALK

If you haven't heard, I'm am now super obsessed with The Walking Dead. While I did prefer the first episode, this one was still fantastically gripping and I can officially say that I'm addictively invested. This episode wasn't as scary and even looking back at the first episode, I don't think of it as scary anymore. Yes, the Walkers are as creepy as hell and I'd be terrified if I was in this situation but...I'm not so...I'm good.
We met a group of new characters which was exciting and I can't wait to see how the series develops from here.

I feel like Rick was so lucky that Glenn and co. were there. He'd be super dead otherwise.
At a first glimpse, the new crew is pretty cool- I like how we now have some female strong characters to make an appearance.
The only one I don't like is Merle Dixon- obviously I'm not going to like a racist, sexist pig. I'm happy they left him behind even if it was by accident- though I have read the 'blurb' for the next episode, so I know we'll be seeing more of this a-hole.
This episode wasn't as scary simply because we now know what we're dealing with. We know we can kill these things pretty easily and the episode was also set during the day- which helped a bit.
The only part I was majorly repulsed by was when Rick and Glen were getting covered in the dead Walker's insides. It was a bit gruesome for my taste...
But the escape was pretty epic.
I was so tense as Rick and Glenn pretended to be Walkers and the second the rain hit, I knew the ruse was over. That car getaway was awesome, though!
I don't know why I was surprised that this new group we found is with Shane and Lori etc. It didn't connect in my head but I am so ready for a Rick/Shane/Lori/Carl reunion!!! Even though it may very well be painfully awkward after all the emotional gushy parts!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing! Until the next episode...

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