Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Sun Is Also A Star- Nicola Yoon Non-spoiler BOOK TALK

I was a teensy bit underwhelmed by this book simply because I'd heard a lot of hype and it didn't live up to my high expectations. However, it was still a nice, enjoyable read and was very quick and easy to get through. Essentially, this book follows two characters from two completely different backgrounds and tracks their story during one day in their lives and how they meet and spend that day together.
I would say that it's kind of insta-lovey but I literally just read November 9 before reading this book and absolutely loved it so... I guess that's not a convincing and solid reason for why I didn't love this book. Although, I did feel like the 'love' was a bit forced onto the characters for the direction of the story and I don't see much realism behind the whole situation.
There also happened to be way too much coincidence involved and, while the book's general theme is Fate with a capital F, it just seems a bit too coincidental and fixed for my personal taste.
Let's get onto what I liked, shall we?
I loved how it strayed to so many different points of view- I'd originally thought that it'd simply follow Natasha and Daniel. The change of perspectives brought a whole new insight that made the book so much more profound and deep.
I also liked how philosophical it was. I find these insights so interesting and some things are so awe-inspiring that it makes you see the world in a completely new light.
This book was very insightful- it deals with so many different situations in people's lives and I really appreciate that in books. was set in New York which I loved!!!!

Overall, it was a smooth read and I'd recommend it for lovers of contemporary.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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