Saturday, 11 February 2017

Quiet Power- Susan Cain Non-spoiler BOOK TALK


This is the first 'self-help' book that I've really read but I enjoyed it! This book had many insights on what it's truly like to be an introvert and I found it to be so relatable and interesting to delve into. This book made me feel super proud to be an introvert and gave some great tips on how to better understand myself- especially in social situations that I find to be uncomfortable.

It made me feel proud to be an introvert when normally I think that introverts can be quite ashamed of what they're like. I feel like sometimes being extroverted is the desirable personality type as it's instantly synonymous with being successful and popular.
It's like the simplest equation of life that's world-widely known.
This book made me re-think about my self-image and highlights the talents that introverts have. It helped me see that some things that I would consider to be flaws are actually an introvert's secret weapon and I can use this to my advantage.
Introverts tend to have deeper and more meaningful discussions and friendships, and are often more observant and empathetic.

I would recommend annotating the book as you go along as I did. It really helped me single out points and zoom into ideas that resonated directly to me. I can look back at different phrases and quotations that I liked as they are now highlighted and can easily be found by me again if I want to flick through in the future. Annotating really helps you get the most out of the book as you can.

I also think that this book would be very useful for extroverts, teachers and parents to read as it gives such a better insight on introverts and why we do certain things or need certain things- for example, introverts tend to feel sensations more strongly than others so get flustered and anxious when too much is going on. They also tend to get drained quicker in social situations and need time to themselves in order to recharge and have a bit of 'me' time. (I personally really resonate this- even being with friends sometimes drains me and I just need some quiet time alone). This book would really help teachers and parents understand introverts and therefore, they can more fairly consider and support these individuals.

This book is full of real life stories and anecdotes of others' lives which really personalises the novel and makes you feel a lot less alone in the situations that you may personally go through- it's proof that introverts can do amazing things.

Overall, this was a very thoughtful read and I'd certainly recommend it!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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