Saturday, 25 February 2017

February Book Haul 2017

I got a lot of book money for my birthday last month and, naturally, I went out to spend it! I haven't spent much of it but I made a good start!

Quiet Power- Susan Cain
I forgot to mention this last month, but I received Quiet Power for my birthday and have already read it (and loved it!) since then. It's essentially a self-help book for introverts and I found it really useful. There are so many insightful observations and tips that really helped me.
Non-spoiler Book Talk

Cruel Beauty- Rosamund Hodge
I've seen this quite a few times within the YA community and it's supposedly really good. I love a good retelling (this being a spin on Beauty and the Beast) and, though I don't know much on what's it's about, I'm excited to jump into it.

Morning Star- Pierce Brown
I'm slowly collecting this trilogy. I have the first book, Red Rising (Book Talk) and have now bought the third book. The second instalment wasn't there but, as soon as I get my hands on it, I'll be finishing this trilogy in a heartbeat.

King's Cage- Victoria Aveyard
This was a cover buy- I'm not gonna lie. I've read Red Queen but I haven't even read the second book yet, Glass Sword. But I needed to buy this third book because it needed to match the tall and beautiful editions I have of the first two books. They only sell these tall editions when the book first comes out so I needed to get it quick. I will read the trilogy soon, I promise!

Darkness Follows- L. A. Weatherly
This is yet another book that I really need to get to. I have the first book, Broken Sky, and I've now bought the second but I still need to read them! I have a book buying problem. This series has an interesting premise and L.A Weatherly has also written the Angel trilogy that I loved so I definitely want to read this books at some point. I just need the time.  

Life and Death- Stephanie Meyer
This is the tenth anniversary edition of Twilight which is essentially the novel Twilight but with a gender swap. Meyer did this because Bella is constantly thought of as a classic damsel in distress when Meyer simply thinks of her as a human in distress. She claims that the story would be no different if Bella was a boy and so... she wrote it. I've flicked through it already and, oh my god, it looks so good. I've compared the first few pages to the original Twilight and they are very similar- the only changes are sentence structures and paragraphs here and there. Most of the dialogue is the same but I think that the further along in the book, the more and more different it will get as, in the letter before this book from Meyer, she says that there are differences for a multitude of reasons (only 5% of them being because of the gender change). It includes things that she wishes she'd put in the original and sections that she thought worked better than the original. Suffice it to say, I'm excited to read this but want to wait until after I've read Twilgiht- I know, I know, the shame!!!

The Hunger Games Trilogy- Suzanne Collins
Yes, I already have this trilogy but I have an explanation! I promise! The Hunger Games trilogy that I had was a hand-me-down from my brother meaning they were torn apart and in the terrible covers. For so long I've wanted these beautiful covers. So when I see all three in a charity shop in a stunning condition? Of course I'm going to treat myself! Especially when I work at said charity shop and get a 25% discount on already really cheap books! Enough said.

Thanks for reading! What books did you get this month! Comment below! Stay amazing!

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