Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Walking Dead 1x03 'Tell It to the Frogs' TV TALK

Half way through the first season already! Why does this season have to be so short?! I could watch this forever (which is good because I have to catch up to Season 7).
We had a lot of drama this episode and I just cannot express how much I love this show right now.

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I love Glenn, I really do, but I was shouting at him for so long to turn the damn car alarm off! Did he want every Walker to follow him there?
We finally had the reunion!! I've been waiting for this reunion for ages and it was such a tear-jerker. I'm upset we didn't get a nice Rick/Shane hug, though- they are supposed to be best friends (isn't that right, Shane?)
Originally, I felt sorry for Shane- you can tell he loves Lori and here comes Rick, ready to return to his family. Only, at that point, I didn't know that Shane had told Lori he was dead!! I understand it- he maybe did think that Rick was dead. Or he may've said it because Lori would've tried to save Rick is she knew there was a possibility that he was still alive. Shane probably only wanted to keep her safe but... she deserved to know! How dare you call him your best friend, asshole!
We meet Merle's brother Daryl in this episode and I can't say that he's any better than his brother- he's just as racist and short-tempered- it must run in the family.
I know why Rick went back for Merle but...I was more interested in them getting the guns.
Why are there so many sexist and racist people on this show!?! First we have the Dixon brothers and now we have this bastard, Ed, who beats his wife, Carol, and demeans women!!
But, despite this, I'm happy we have this close-knit group of women who stick together.
I'm struggling to understand why everyone in this camp is always fighting! If we're some of the only humans left, why aren't we sticking together and helping one another?! We definitely shouldn't be fighting each other- we should be fighting the enemy.
As soon as T-Dog knocked over the bag of tools last episode, I was screaming for Merle to take them and use them to cut off the handcuffs. So when he finally picked up the tools, I was delighted.
And, strangely, I was even more delighted when that beautiful shot of his chopped off hand came onto the screen (hence why I added it to this post). I don't why this made me so happy... but it did.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing! Until the next episode...

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