Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Walking Dead 1x05 'Wildfire' TV TALK

On the lead up to the season finale, we see new faces and tense interactions. This episode was more character based and had a lot less 'blow out zombie's brains' scenes which, depending on how you see it, made it less interesting... Still, it built up nicely for the season finale.

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This episode probably wasn't my favourite mainly because it didn't have as much action when compared to the other episodes- I need more Walkers!!!
The episode started off pretty depressing if I'm going to be honest. Everyone was mourning everybody. My heart went out to Andrea but, insensitively, I was more hoping that they would just chop off Amy's head before she turned into a Walker. It was sad to watch Andrea shoot Amy in the head but.... *shrugs*... it had to be done.
The camp was also tense- specifically between Shane and Rick. I love how Dale caught Shane aiming his gun at Rick and he so didn't believe Shane's excuse that he thought he was a Walker. You better watch your back Shane!

I'm happy that they finally got rid of Jim because A) he was going to turn into a Walker- it was too late to save him and B) he crept the hell out of me. Our numbers are definitely dwindling but we're still going strong.
We meet Dr. Edwin Jenner in this episode and... I like him? Honestly, we haven't seen enough of him yet so I can't make a snap judgement.
Watching the group turn up in the city with hundreds of dead bodies around was great! This is the kind of action I want to be watching! I kept expecting all the dead to jump up and start attacking them but... no such luck. It was super tense though with them quietly making their way through them.
I'm so glad that Jenner opened the door- Rick would've looked so stupid if that whole trip had been for nothing- he would've felt so guilty.
I really hope that we see Morgan and Duane again!!! Please say they come back!

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