Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November Wrap Up 2016

This month was...'okay'. I read mostly ARCs that I'd been sent because I was a bit behind (still severely behind) and after reading Flawed, I had a massive book hangover because it was so good and I needed the sequel (that doesn't come out until April 2017).

Theta (Omega #2)- Lizzy Ford 
I was sent this ARC via Netgalley and....I didn't particularly like it. I had a few issues with it and personally wouldn't recommend it. I do have a full Book Talk for it so, if you'd like to know more about what the book is about, check it out here.

Weregirl- C.D. Bell
I was sent this book by the publisher and it was good. I had pretty low expectations so was super surprised with what I got. This book is unique despite the worn-out subject of werewolves and it gripped me nicely. This book follows Nessa who, when going running in the woods one day, gets bitten by a wolf and (shock horror!!) turns into a werewolf. I like how this book didn't solely focus on this aspect though as they were greater plot lines to draw the attention. I have a Book Talk for this book also, which you can check out here for all the book details, synopsis, etc.

Iniquity- Melody Winter 
I was, yet again, sent this ARC for a Book Tour (linked here) and I really enjoyed it. This was a unique and interesting read about demons and their control over our world. Athena longs to bring the light back but manages to catch the attention of many a demon. Which should she trust?
I'd definitely recommend this book; there's action, romance and a kick-ass, stubborn heroine. What more could you want?

(Where White To Your Funeral- Lisa Acerbo)
This is the first book in years that I haven't actually finished. A Book Talk is still going to come for this book but, obviously, my views can't be too strict because...I didn't actually finish. I just had too many issues with and it was frustrating me to read. Initially, I was going to continue reading. But then I thought, 'if I'm not enjoying this book, why am I forcing myself to read it when there are so many other amazing books out there that I could be reading?' and that thought swiftly ended my relationship with this book. Sorry.

The Bad Boy Bargain- Kendra C. Highley 
This book was a very refreshing contemporary read within all the fantasy I'd been reading lately. It was cutesy bad boy/not-so bad boy romance and it was quick and easy to get through. The characters were easy to like and the story was smooth and inviting. I have my full Book Tour Review linked here in case you missed it.

Flawed- Cecelia Ahern 
This book was the source of all my problems!! This book was so darn good that it left a huge book hangover which slid into a book slump and weeks off reading.
But that just meant it was beyond good. The sequel doesn't come out until April 2017 so, unless I can somehow receive a sneaky ARC (of which I'll desperately try my hardest) I'm left to wait ages until I can be satisfied.
Ahern depicts such an interesting society of perfection being paramount and Flawed citizens being punished and segregated from the rest of society. For a more in depth synopsis and review, check out my Book Talk here!

Red Rising- Pierce Brown
As Flawed flung me in a major book slump, I didn't pick up a book for weeks and, even though I haven't finished this yet, I started it and that's progress. Red Rising was November's Book of the Month and so far it's good. The start of the book is a bit overwhelming because you're just thrown into this new world and need time to make sense of the new technology, terminology and, basically, what the hell is going on. But once you're past that fast rocky stage... it's gets quite good. I'm looking forward to finishing it.

That was everything I read this month! Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below! Stay amazing!

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