Sunday, 6 November 2016

TVD 8x02 'Today Will Be Different' TV TALK

This series is getting super exciting!!! The title 'Today Will Be Different' was originally an Elena Gilbert Journal quote and, even though the poor girl's no longer here, the quote is certainly relevant to our current situation...


Ps. Look at how cute Steroline are!!!

Jumping straight into it... Bon Bon was annoying me this episode. Enzo's trying to protect you and you're frustrated that he's not giving you enough attention? He's trying to save your life not spite you! Bonnie's all 'if you don't stay with me, you don't love me'- oblivious to the fact that he could actually be ignoring her to keep her safe and keep her away from Sybil! Grow up, Bonnie and use your brain.
Talking of Sybil... I love to hate this chick! The whole siren thing excites me (I love Greek mythology) and she's so freaking classy! She has this really cool swagger which really shouldn't surprise me because all TVD villains are as sassy as hell!

And whilst we're on sassy, I need to talk about Georgie! I absolutely love her! She's so forward and flirty with Alaric and she's so funny! I find myself wanting more of her. And, of course, she has a troubled background centered around hell that is no doubt going to help us at some point... how convenient.
Poor Sarah Salvatore- she never really had a chance did she? She's a Salvatore! Obviously she should've known she was going to die a gruesome death!
My favourite scene of the episode... The June Wedding is happening!!!!!!
The June wedding has finally come- and boy have we waited long enough. It's so great that, when you look back to season one, episode one (!!!!!), Caroline's all 'we're planning a June wedding' while Stefan's just like 'Caroline... you and's not going to happen.' In your face, past Stefan! Look at you now! (I'm so smug right now). I love how, instead of a short and sweet romance, we have this beautiful Steroline relationship that has been building up more and more for eight seasons!! It's beautiful to see their bond grow into friendship and then into more... we need more of these relationships.
Sybil, how dare you!!! When she twisted Damon's memories I was inwardly sighing in exasperation and outwardly screaming my head off. I mean, come on! First Elena forgetting about Damon in season 6 and now this? We're going around in circles now....

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- I'd love to hear them! Stay amazing!

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