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Forever Blue- Abby Wilder BOOK TOUR REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

I was sent this book from Xpresso Book Tours to review! 
This book was certainly....interesting. The whole book was shrouded in mystery and, while I was expecting an eerie contemporary, a whole new supernatural world was explored. I had a few issues with the book itself, (particularly the ending...) and was on the verge of giving it two-stars but, decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.The ending just ruined it a little for me.
The story was nicely complex- not overly- and the twists and turns kept me intrigued and interested to see what would happen next.
I would recommend this book if you're interested in realistic paranormal mysteries with a light romantic element.
The synopsis, author info and links are all below in case you want to check out the books for yourself!
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One of the things I loved about this book was the mystery element. There was no certainty on who was responsible and it had me second-guessing myself all the time (in a good way). 

My feelings were a bit conflicted through this entire book. I didn't love love love any of the characters, really- maybe apart from Lennon. I was in a constant love/hate relationship with both Judah and Ruben because... I just couldn't decide! They both did awful things and both had character traits I just didn't like at all. But at the same time... I could sympathize with them and relate to them. 
Honestly, I couldn't make up my mind with anything in this whole book. 
Maybe the one thing I did  make my mind up on was Cara. I didn't like her at all. She knowingly led Judah on and was very selfish in every situation. She only cared about her opinion and how everything was going to affect her. She simply irritated the hell out of me, in a nutshell.
And the thing that ruined the whole book for me: the dreaded ending. There was no sense of completion or satisfaction. Nothing was really resolved and we were left with this giant gap of unanswered questions. I hated that Lennon died- it made it feel as if everything we went through was for nothing- which is essentially what happened. Did Lennon haunt anyone else? Willingly? Did she end up with Ruben? And if yes...willingly? What happened to them?
I hated the openness and the unresolved story left me feeling unsatisfied. It didn't give justice to the well-crafted mystery of the book- it was a tad disappointing.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts- you can comment them below. Stay amazing!


Image result for forever blue abby wilderSynopsis:
I never thought it would end like this.
I never thought it would end at all.
But not all stories get a happy ending.

When Lennon Donnelly moves back to the quiet town of Puruwai, she never dreams that a chance meeting with a boy sitting at the cemetery will change her life. Her best friend warns her about Judah Mitchell. There are rumours that he killed his brother. But as Lennon is drawn deeper into the mysterious boy’s life, the events of his past unravel until she finds herself driving over the edge of a cliff and into the depths of the lake below.
Spanning over two years and starting at the end, this compelling novel tells of the intertwining relationships of Lennon, Ruben, Judah, and Cara. Told from the different perspectives of before and after, the story unfolds like a puzzle and reveals secrets that will haunt you long after you turn the final page.

This story contains mild use of strong language and references to underage drinking and smoking.


She loves stories in all forms; film, photography, music, but it’s the simplicity of written words that she loves the most . . . well, written words and binge watching television series.
Since a love of reading has remained constant in her life, she couldn’t imagine anything better than being a writer so she set out to achieve just that.
Abby has one husband, two children, three cats and a dog called Joss.
Girl Behind Glass is her debut novel. Boy in Uniform is a short companion story and Girl Beneath Stars is the final in the Behind Glass Series to follow Willow Stanton.

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