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Flawed- Cecelia Ahern BOOK TALK

This book was amazing! It was perfect. Ironically, it was flawless.
This is exactly the type of book I like to read. Ahern has written one of my favourite books (Where Rainbows End) and I think that this book is even better! I have a personal obsession with the social hierarchy and the social norms, influences and consequences of our society- this book delivered on this unique and fascinating subject.
I'm not usually into 'politically inclined' reads but this one completely grabbed me because it didn't feel too political- it was just fascinating.
I will also say (no spoilers) that while this book had a very very small 'romance', I can definitely see it heating it up in the sequel and seeing a certain two characters grow their relationship (I'm so excited!).
The premise of this book sort of reminded me of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld but...let's just say it's executed much much better.
Flawed is about a society where perfection is paramount and mistakes are punished. If you make a moral or ethical mistake, you are branded Flawed and segregated from the rest of society- forced to follow curfew, basic diets, no luxuries, limited employment etc.
Celestine has no idea how she can be branded as Flawed- to her, what she did was common sense- it was simple compassion. But that's not the verdict she's given. When she's branded Flawed she needs to learn how to live with this sentence- or she can fight back.
I would definitely recommend this book and I can't wait for the sequel/finale to come out next year! This book has given me such a major hangover!

I don't agree with the society but I find it fascinating! It's a serious version of what our own society could become and I love how Cecelia has created this alternate world. 
I respected Celestine so much. She stood by her beliefs- a human being despite him being flawed! She has a way with words and she's very strong- willed which I love.
I thought Art was okay,.,., but I think he could have been more supportive. When he met her in library? Why come all that way to yell at her? She's literally going through hell and you're complaining! 
Carrick. Man, do I need the next book so badly. It's crazy how much I love him! I ship Carrick and Celestine together despite them only having the exchanges 'I'll find you' and 'I told you I'd find you'. That's all they've said to each other (Celestine hasn't even said a word to him!) and yet I ship them so much! How did Ahern do it!?
The trial was so well written and so perfectly intense! My heart was in my throat and when Celestine practically stuck her middle finger up at Crevan... my heart soared. You go, girl!
The branding was probably the most intense scene in this book for me personally. I've read a lot of 'gruesome' scenes in my time but none hit me as hard as this one did (and it wasn't even gruesome). Juts the vivid imagery of being burned with a Flawed brand in five different places- not even touching on the sixth brand! That was horrific! Crevan you evil bastard! I respected her for not giving them the satisfaction of screaming but having your back burned viciously with anesthetic? I don't blame her for screaming and the fact that Carrick had to watch and he had tears in his eyes breaks me more and more every time I think about it.
The whole 'Logan party' was disgusting and I literally wanted to bitch slap every one of them for doing what they did to Celestine. Thank God she got home in time.
Pia Wang was certainly a character that surprised me. At first, I sort of pictured her as Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter. But as time went by (and we figured out about Lisa Life) I liked her more and more. She's secretly taking down the Guild from the inside. Clever woman.
We met Carrick's 'step parents' in a way and I have to say- I loved Bill. He reminded me of Henry Branwell from The Infernal Devices trilogy- he was funny, eccentric and a pleasure to read about.
We got a bit of drama with the whole Juniper/Art scandal! Do I think they're not dating? I honestly don't know. I reckon Juniper probably has a huge crush on Art- it makes sense in my head but I suppose we'll see in the sequel. My theory is that Juniper and Art will fall for each other through their mutual bond of Celestine's situation and, when grovelling to Celestine for forgiveness and acceptance, she'll be more than happy because she's got Carrick now anyway.
I love that she's finally run away and she's gonna be a fugitive! The next book is going to be so exciting. I'm so pumped to see Carrick and Celestine actually get to know each other and to see their relationship grow- it's gonna be beautiful!
I really liked the pacing of this book. It wasn't rushed but it wasn't slow and dragging. A lot happened and yet so much has yet to come in the finale.
This book has given me a severe book hangover because I just need the next book now!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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