Thursday, 10 November 2016

TVD 8x03 'You Decided That I Was Worth Saving.' TV TALK

'You Decided That I Was Worth Saving' is a classic Damon Salvatore quote (how many of these titles are going to be Delena lines) which was said on the good ol' Gilbert house porch way back when. And we got a Delena kiss!!! Only, it wasn't, because it was Katherine popping up as Elena... sorry, Damon. Side note: Who misses the heck out of Katherine?

3 episodes in and things are heating up and I'm so excited! Chaos is brewing! Picking sides, old characters returning (for a while) and, no spoilers but... apple sauce penguin. 


Important things first: Is Bonnie a freaking ninja? She somehow managed to decorate Caroline's room with balloons while she slept? Newsflash: Carebear's a vampire with super-hearing. I'm impressed, Bon-Bon,  
Another side note: why does Caroline and co. still stay in the university dorms? Do they actually still go to class? I'm horrified.

Boy, did we get straight into plans for the June wedding! It surprise me in no way that Caroline made an entire wedding book when she was 11! That's typical vampire-barbie. (And can we just appreciate her sass levels when Sybil came snooping! That is why Caroline is one of my favourites).
I want more of Georgie! I love her spunk (that's still a trendy word, right?) and she's just lovable to me. I'm excited that she's now been exposed to the supernatural world because she can get more screen-time!
Apple Sauce Penguin......
Sybil is truly evil! I love that about her, to be honest. We're on the last season, guys, we need an epic villain (plus, she is gorgeous). But, bitch, wear a seatbelt!
The media geek coming out in me: that shot of the fight beginning in the clock reflection? So beautiful!
I was happier with Bonnie this episode (honestly didn't blame her for picking Enzo even though Damon will always consume my heart) but... she was getting a bit ganged up on in this episode. Everyone was out to kill her.
I'm excited that Enzo switched off his humanity because...well, it's just more fun, isn't it?
I was surprised at how easy it was to catch Sybil. One ping of a pitchfork and she's a goner! That was way too simple.
And welcome back Tyler...oh, no. You went and got yourself killed. Well done. (You would've thought he'd learn by now). And when did wolfy boy get so damn wise and inspirational? Too bad now, Lockwoof...Lockwood. Because you did not last very long. (Though, I'm betting he'll be back at some point otherwise Trevino had a pretty pathetic 'last hurrah' in the series).

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