Tuesday, 1 November 2016

TVD 8x01 'Hello, Brother' TV TALK

Image result for damon hello brotherI've decided to do a series of TV TALKs for season 8 of The Vampire Diaries purely because it's my favourite show of all time and I need to talk to people about it!
We're on series 8 an it's the last season of this stunning show so... if you haven't seen it, you're pretty far behind but I'd still suggest giving it a try!
I've read parts of the book series before but didn't like it at all...so it's a good thing I love the TV series!

First off, all I can say is that I'm already loving the titles for these episodes! It's making me so nostalgic for season one! As soon as Damon said 'Hello, brother', I was in super fangirl mode! His grin was exactly the same as it was season one but, boy, so much has changed.
Talking of Damon... I honestly don't blame him for turning off his humanity. He's so conflicted and being manipulated so... what choice did he have? He's not being as forward thinking as Enzo...
And, my god, Enzo, aren't you being smart?! Look at you being all sneaky and leaving tracks behind! I'm significantly impressed.

I feel sorry for Bonnie- she's so alone and it's kind of heart-breaking but.... one small nit-pick? Why is she obsessing over Enzo all the time!? Damon's there too and he's her best friend! She doesn't seem to care about Damon but looks straight for Enzo! Favouritism! What would Elena say?
50 Shades of Grey, Damon? First twilight and now this? I swear Damon must be a secret fanboy inside.
Stefan needs to come off this guilt trip and just do what needs to be done. One jest from Damon and you feel hopeless? Pull it together, Stefan!!
We had our first death of the season!!! (A named character anyway...) I'm so happy that Virginia's dead!! And... why did she want the twins? Did we find that out?
The siren's alive!!! I'm so excited to see her character!!!

The overall thought of this episode...
My Bonenzo heart is breaking but my Steroline heart is soaring!!!!

Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts and I'll include them in the next episode of these reviews!! Stay amazing!

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