Monday, 31 October 2016

Book Creatures of the Night TAG

In honour of Halloween, I decided to this Book Tag (because it's very fitting, I would say).

Image result for damon salvatore season 3 mikaelson party1. Vampire
Damon Salvatore- The Vampire Diaries
Any question that involves vampires I will always- always- pick Damon Salvatore. The Vampire Diaries is my favourite TV show (I don't like the books, though) and Damon is my first pick for everything.

2. Werewolf
Remus Lupin- Harry Potter
Lupin is one of my favourite HP characters, anyway so, when picking a my favourite werewolf (sorry, Jacob) I have to go with Lupin.

3. Zombie
Zombie- The 5th Wave
Can I be sneaky and count Zombie from The 5th Wave? Because he's the first (and only) that comes to mind!

Image result for hermione4. Ghost
Moaning Myrtle- Harry Potter
Who doesn't love Moaning Myrtle?!? She's great! I'm very proud to say that she's a fellow Ravenclaw!

5. Witch/Wizard
Hermione Granger- Harry Potter
Hermione Granger is hands-down the greatest witch in any fictional world. Yes, Harry was the 'Chosen One' but Ron and Harry wouldn't have made it alive through the second book (at latest) without Hermione by their side.

6. Demigod
Annabeth Chase- Percy Jackson series
Annabeth is the coolest Demigod around (though Percy is a close second). I love her brains and attitude and she made me laugh so much during these books. (Not to mention Percabeth!!!) Plus, Athena is one of my favourite Gods so...

Image result for feysand7. Fairies/Fae
Feyre/Rhysand -ACOTAR trilogy
A Court of Mist and Fury is my favourite book ever at the moment so of course I'm bound to go straight to Feyre and Rhysand. They're both so awesome, funny and kick-ass and they make the perfect team. No spoilers...

8. Douche Canoe Boyfriend
Tamlin- ACOTAR trilogy
Again. No spoilers....

9. Alien
Wanda- The Host
I think that Wanda is so underappreciated in YA literature. The Host isn't talked about enough but Wanda is such a great character! She's kind, honest and one of the most selfless characters I've ever read about (and she's not even human!!!)

10. Super Human
Kenji- Shatter Me trilogy
Kenji, let's face it, is perfection. The Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi would not be as brilliant as it is without Kenji. Kenji is sassy, gorgeous, sassy with a bit more sassiness just for good measure. You can not read Shatter Me and not fall in love with Kenji. And as for being super human... No spoilers...

Thank you for reading this post! I tag whoever wants to this this tag! I'd love to see your thoughts so feel free to comment them! Stay amazing,

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