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All Laced Up- Erin Fletcher BOOK TOUR REVIEW

(4.5 stars)
This book felt like it was made for me. Romance? Ice hockey? Hamilton references? It was like a one way ticket to my heart.
This book was such a feel-good and adorable read. I melted right into it and it gave me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Personally, I love ice hockey so this book immediately identified with me. Ice hockey is a hobby of mine (watching...not playing) that people wouldn't really expect from someone like me. But this book truly made me happy (and made me want to watch an ice hockey match).
The book was very well written and it was so realistic that I felt like I was there. I wouldn't say you particularly need to have a love of ice hockey to love this book (but having one makes it ten times better). I loved this book so much and would definitely recommend it. The book synopsis, links and author info are all at the end of this post so you can check the book out for yourselves!!


This story was just too freaking cute. I loved every word and my heart melted ( pun?) through every moment.
The characters were so easy too love (especially Pierce...) and that made the book so much easier to get into. It was a super quick book and I read it within a day.

One thing I truly love about this book was the fact that wasn't overly dramatized like, for example, if Pierce hadn't known Lia was Superfan01, had found out and had been uncharacteristically mad about- I hate those type of plots. This story took it's own direction and I admire that about it.
I also love the fact that Pierce found out so quickly and knew that Lia was Superfan01 for the majority of the book. It was amusing to me when he was trying to get Lia to slip up (ha, ha ice skating pun) and make a mistake that would sacrifice her identity.
Though we had a bit of anxiety and worry throughout the book (Would Lia get to Nationals? Would Pierce grow out of his bad-playing phase?) I don't think it was too stressful or worrying. It was one of those books where you expect a happy ending and this book satisfied on that account. It isn't always a bad thing, I find, to have a predictable ending. Sometimes, in the case of this book, it simply makes the journey nicer and more comfortable to read.
Overall, I loved this book and am so thankful to be sent a digital copy to review!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- I'd love to know. Stay amazing!


All Laced Up- Erin Fletcher
Publication Date: October 10, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush

Everyone loves hockey superstar Pierce Miller. Everyone except Lia Bailey.
When the two are forced to teach a skating class to save the rink, Lia's not sure she'll survive the pressure of Nationals and Pierce's ego. Not only can't he remember her name, he signed her bottle of water like she was one of his groupies. Ugh.
But if there's one thing Lia knows better than figure skating, it's hockey. Hoping to take his ego down a notch- or seven- she logs into his team website under an anonymous name to give him pointers on his less-than-stellar playing.
Turns out, Pierce isn't arrogant at all. And they have a lot in common. Too bad he's falling for the anonymous girl online. No matter how much fun they're starting to have in real life, she's afraid he's going to choose fake Lia over the real one...
Disclaimer: This book contains a swoony hockey player (and his equally swoony friends!), one-too-many social media accounts, kisses that'll melt ice, and a secret identity that might not be so secret after all...

Erin is a young adult author from North Carolina. She is a morning person who does most of her writing before sunrise, while drinking excessive quantities of coffee. She believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the beach if she could. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, which is almost never useful when writing book. 

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