Thursday, 27 October 2016

October Wrap Up 2016

October has been a very busy month for me so I haven't read as much as I'd hoped I would... we're all allowed an off month.

Chasing Truth- Julie Cross (ARC)
I received Chasing Truth in order to review it for a Book Tour (of which I'll link here) and I honestly loved it so much more than I thought I would. I would describe it as a murder investigation/secret spy novel where anyone- anyone- could be the killer. I loved the characters, the slow-burning romance and the action sequences. I'd definitely recommend it.

Carry On- Rainbow Rowell
Carry On was October's 'Book of the Month' and I got straight into it. I read this book over a very busy week so it was all a bit stuttered but I enjoyed the story a lot- it even gave me a mini book-hangover because, after finishing it, all I wanted to do was read more of Simon and Baz. You don't have to read Fangirl before Carry On- they're completely different stories. It makes no difference what order you read them in. I have a BOOK TALK on this book which I'll link here in case you missed it.

All Laced Up- Erin Fletcher (ARC)
I also got sent this book to review and, oh my god, I swear this book was made for me. It was about ice hockey, had a gorgeous romance in and had all the Hamilton references! All my favourite things! I loved reading a book about ice hockey and the story was so well written and played out. Yes, some parts were a tad cliché but it wasn't in an annoying way- more of a warm and fuzzy way...if that makes sense.
And I also have to say, this book is an extremely quick read. It's not too long and it reads super quick. Perfect to snuggle up with and read in one sitting.
BOOK TOUR REVIEW linked here.

Heartless- Marissa Meyer (ARC)
This book was so freaking good!!! It was a mixture of tragedy, heart-break and impossibility. It had a perfect amount of muchness, if I say so myself!
This book is all about the infamous Queen of Hearts from the much-loved story Alice and Wonderland. This story is all about how the Queen of Hearts came to power and why she ended up so cruel and merciless (It's really good, trust me). Marissa Meyer has also written the Lunar Chronicles (a collection of fairy tale retellings) and now I can see why she is considered the queen of retellings. This book was captivating, original, stunning and it truly stole my heart as well... I will have a BOOK TALK on Heartless- one which I'll post on the book's release date (8th November).

Forever Blue- Abby Wilder (ARC)
I received this book to read for a Book Tour Review (coming 3rd November) and all I can say is that this book surprised me so much- but I'm not sure if it was in a great way or not.
I have very conflicting feelings about this book. In some ways, I loved it- it took a whole new supernatural direction that I was never expecting while also telling an interesting, eerie and mysterious tale.
I struggled to latch onto the characters. I went from liking them to hating most of them in an instant and the only character I liked?? Well, lets just say that didn't end very well. The ending was so dissatisfying and I was super disappointed with it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment any books you've read this month. Stay amazing!

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