Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Good Girl- Fiona Neill (Non-spoiler) BOOK TALK

The Good Girl was September's 'Book of the Month' but, unfortunately, it didn't meet any expectations. None. Zilch. Nada.
I had a lot of issues with it, mainly revolving around how boring and hard to read it was. I understand it was hard to follow after having just finished Empire of Storms but.... I just didn't like it.
This BOOK TALK will be non-spoiler because there's not much I can say about it- not enough to write a full spoiler section and my complaints are pretty general and won't spoil you.
My first complaint is that the book had no personality. There was no charisma or humour to the writing. It was one, huge, dull and monotonous story. I found the characters to be a bit bland and dull and I was constantly wishing for it to lighten up a bit. I understand it dealt with serious issues but even a small amount of humour and joking would have made it so much more entertaining and easier to read. A joke here or there would've definitely have broken up the tension, I think.
Ben and Luke were the only ones in the family that I liked. Scratch that; they were the only characters in the entire book that I liked. The rest were an uncomfortable mixture of strange, manipulative and mind-numbingly stupid people. Half of the characters in this book are clever, intellectual, eggheads who, I'm convinced, can't actually use their brain. They can explain any scientific process but... when it comes to basic logic, they are incredibly stupid.
The story didn't grip me until the very end when the aforementioned favourite characters were in jeopardy. The gripping scale went up a bit at that section but, throughout the rest, it stayed at a low and levelled droop.
That was a bit of a downer book talk but... that's just my personal opinion. Obviously, try not to take my opinion as yours if you haven't read this book yet: you could end up loving it!!!! It's just my personal view on the book. If you enjoyed it more- great! I wish I did.

Thank you for reading! I'd be super interested to hear your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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