Saturday, 15 October 2016

Subject Book Recommendations (Part 1)

I had a thought the other day and it led me to thinking... If I had to recommend one book to my school teachers, what would it be? Then I thought that it'd probably be different depending what subject they taught. And this gave me the idea for this post! I'm going to recommend five books according to what subject I think they work well with. Think of your favourite subject and I'll have a book recommendation for it.
(This is only Part 1, so if your favourite subject isn't here, just comment it and I'll add it in the next one!)

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell
I struggled to think of an English subject book because... well, 'reading' is an English thing to do. Anyhow, I picked this book because it centres around the love of reading and writing.
This story follows Cath- a shy, introverted booklover that writes fanfiction for the one and only Simon Snow novels. Cath moves to college with her polar-opposite, identical twin Wren and the book follows her experiences and struggles when trying to become an individual when all she wants to do is stay out the limelight.
I loved Fangirl because it's a very relatable read- everyone can identify with the anxiety that Cath feels. It's full of cutsie moments, relatable situations and funny lines.

The Martian- Andy Weir
If you're a science lover, I'd definitely suggest going to The Martian. This book is very dense at times but has mind-blowing scientific explanations mixed in with a nice amount of humour. It is more Chemistry based- if you're into that kind of thing.
The Martian is essentially about a man- Mark Watney- being left behind on Mars from a space mission. He has to try and stay alive whilst also attempting to contact earth to receive some help. And I'll tell you one thing- Mark Watney is smart! He's absolutely brilliant. This book does have a slow start and is very dense but is also incredibly funny and gripping.

Wolf By Wolf- Ryan Graudin
I understand that I may not ever stop recommending this book- it always somehow fits itself into a post. Essentially this book is a fantasy/alternate history novel about Hitler having won World War 2. The book follows Yael, a shape-shifter, who plans to assassinate Hitler. She just needs to get close enough to do it. This book will be right up your street if you're into history but even if you're not, I'd recommend it anyway. I'm not a big fan of historical fiction but this book truly blew my mind- the premise enough intrigues me to no end. I have a full BOOK TALK for this book if you're interested- Wolf By Wolf BOOK TALK.

Falling Fast- Sophie McKenzie
Falling Fast is the first book in a four book series by Sophie McKenzie. The topic of acting only really comes up in the first book but it a main focus- something that triggers a lot of the events in the book. Acting and drama is the topic that drives the story into it's problematic love story. I enjoyed this story and I think it would be extra nice to read if you have a passion for acting. Basically, this series is a love story and the two main characters meet at an audition for a production of Romeo and Juliet. I like this love story because not a traditional one- it tells the story of a very screwed up and complicated relationship. It's not the normal 'boy meets girl, they fall in love' kind of story- it has much more depth.

Gone Girl- Gillian Clarke
If you haven't heard of Gone Girl before...I'd strongly suggest you look into it. Gone Girl is a psychological thriller (hence the psychology...) and, in my opinion, it's one of the best. It starts off a tiny bit slow but, when you get to Amy's POV, it speeds the hell up. It's such a clever and sadistic book- it's so freaking intelligent. The movie is also very good so I'd obviously recommend that too- it's a very faithful adaptation. I have both a BOOK TALK and ADAPTATION TALK which I'll link in case you missed them!

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to comment a subject recommendation you'd like or even recommend me a book! Stay amazing!

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