Thursday, 17 November 2016

TVD 8x04 'An Eternity of Misery' TV TALK

Spot on, Georgie...Spot on.
'An Eternity of Misery'... Certainly fitting.
This episode has to be my favourite of the series so far! It had flashbacks, action and many surprises! Was it a coincidence that Bonnie wasn't in the episode? Of course not...
'An eternity of misery' is yet another quote from the one and only Damon Salvatore and, considering what we learnt this episode, it is very relevant!
We've had 'the other side' hell, 'prison world' hell, 'phoenix stone' hell and now... well, now we have literal hell.

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We had a lot of sass this episode which is probably the reason why I loved it so much, The previous episodes have been pretty depressing (no one having any hope and all) so the comic relief was much needed!
Exhibit A:
'The all powerful siren imprisoned by a fork.'- Stefan 
'Says the man who can be killed with a stick.'- Sybil 
(A personal favourite exchange of mine).

Donovan's back! Yay?
I don't hate Matt but he does irritate the hell out of me (no pun intended). I mean, who can take him seriously? Once again he threatens Damon in an attempt to look bad-ass and yet...surprise, surprise, he doesn't go through with it. I've lost my patience with poor Matty blue-blue (even though my heart went out to him when he found Tyler's body).
I loved the mythology that was blended into the episode. The whole Arcadius deal was cool (the Devil good enough for the final season?!) and the island story was brilliant. I was constantly trying to figure which girl Sybil was and, though I probably seen it coming, I was surprised! Sybil is the good freaking sibling, the village girl and we are utterly screwed.
But with the whole island story... It kind of morphed the entire episode into a therapy session for Stefan. Poor guy.
Georgie was big part of this episode which was great because I love her...loved her.
She was as sassy as always and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when she was framed as Sybil's sister. I couldn't believe it!
Seline is a sneaky bitch but clever... damn it. I would guess that they want something from the twins (siren prodigies?) but the sooner everybody finds out, the better.
And why did Georgie have to die!? (That kind of makes it sound like it was her fault but...). Georgie was amazing and now she's been wind-swept, banished to hell. On the plus side, we definitely know where Kitty-Kat is now.
If there's any way we could get them back... just imagine how epic that would be for a finale! Nina Dobrev coming back as Katherine instead of Elena! We could also get Silas etc back!!!!
The phrase 'damned' got thrown around in this episode but, if anyone is damned... It's 100% Alaric! Yet again, his love interest (or I'd like to think) is dead. Go figure.

So much happened in this episode! What was your favourite scene? Comment below.
Thank you for reading. Stay amazing!

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