Thursday, 1 December 2016

TVD 8x05 'Coming Home Was Mistake' TV TALK

They're too cute!!!!!!
Finally we have Stefan Salvatore quote!!!
After all the Delena quotes, Stefan finally appears!
This episode wasn't as jam-packed as the last one but, wow, it was still exciting! And that cliff-hanger? I'm so excited for episode six.
This episode took us back to the beloved carnival from... series two I wanna say? The episode brought back lots of nostalgia and we only had.... five Elena mentions in this episode.

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I'm beginning to think that Matt has a perpetual 'you killed my puppy' face. Poor Matty blue-blue. He's been through a lot but, surprise surprise, there's a reason why he has to stay! (But thank God that Matt was there to give Caroline some pointers about Seline...).

And Seline! What a manipulative bitch you are! You're insanely beautiful and clever but...still!
I loved the whole part with Enzo and Bonnie. They weren't in the last episode but they certainly made up for it in this one. I love it when people flip of their humanity switch- it's just so fun and entertaining. No one can tell me that they didn't enjoy sassy Enzo- even a little bit! I'm happy he's back, though. Enzo is probably the most romantic guy on the show and of course his love for Bonnie would bring him back and he'd save her!
One question, though. Bonnie, couldn't you have just blown out the candle? A bit dramatic don't you think?
I've got to admit- even though I'm team Damon- Stefan is the sweetest brother. He pours his heart out in an attempt to save Damon and he's knocked down once again! Stefan is always the one to put his heart on the line only for Damon to desert him. I literally just want to shake Damon until he sees sense!
I'm so happy that they've finally found Georgie's body! I can't wait for Ric to find out!
The twins shone for me in this episode. They're the cutest thing and I just want to give them a massive hug whenever they're on screen. They're too sweet for this world. I'm so scared for them!
Sybil has now escaped from the Armory, Seline's done a runner with twins... I'm so excited for a reunion between them! It's going to be epic!
I'm also so happy that the gang now know that Seline is the other Siren! Although, the dread almost consumed me when Caroline and Ric came home to see the twins gone. And that picture? Nice artwork, girls!
The next episode is going to be so good and I'm so looking forward to see a bit more raw fight in Caroline to protect her kids. If you haven't already seen the promo, I'd recommend it because 8x06 looks like it's going to be epic!

Thanks for reading! What were your thoughts on this episode? Favourite scene? Comment below! Stay amazing!

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