Saturday, 24 December 2016

Paper and Fire- Rachel Caine BOOK TALK

I really was impressed with this book. Paper and Fire is the second book in The Great Library series (the first book being Ink and Bone) and it blew my expectations out of the water. I liked the first book but didn't love it- it was 'meh'. I was expecting Paper and Fire to be the same sort of ranking but it was so much better! There was a bit of a slow start but I got really into it and thoroughly enjoyed the rest.
There were was excellent character development and the plot had many twists and turns that kept it entertaining.


While this book started off pretty slow, I was gripped at the point where Wolfe was being visited by a Mesmer. It was slower mainly because the whole gang was split up and Morgan wasn't there- I love Morgan.

From the very moment in Ink and Bone when Thomas was announced dead, I didn't believe it. The rule with fiction: if you don't see them die, they're not dead. (And even then, depending on the book, they could still come back).
I've always had Dario pegged as a Draco Malfoy type of character and this book in no way changed my opinion on that. Dario made a lot of mistakes in this book (why don't you use your brain sometime, Dario?) but he does them for the right reasons and is often not as bad as he seems. I liked the growth of 'friendship' between him and Jess to the point where they have a mutual respect for each other.
Let's talk about ships- because there are a few.
I pretty much ship Dario and Khalila.
I totally ship Wolfe and Santi. (Is it just me that pictures Santi as Parish from Teen Wolf?)
And, my biggest ship, has to be Morgan and Jess. Yes, they're struggling to stay afloat and keep sinking but I have confidence in them! And I love them so much! At certain points, I thought that Glain may give Morgan a run for her money but... maybe I'm being too paranoid that someone will split up my beautiful ship.
Morgan was my favourite character from the first book- still is- but I got slightly irritated with her in Paper and Fire. I thought she was a bit more cry-and-cling-hold-of-Jess in this book as opposed to her awesomeness and strength in the last book.
We got Thomas back! I loved this whole action sequence.
My favourite part of the book was the iron tower section. It was entertaining and great to finally see what it's like in there and what Morgan had to go through.
The biggest surprise in this book though was the fact that no one died. That's realistic...
I'm so excited that we're going to America in the next book. I'm pumped!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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