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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ADAPTATION TALK

**** (4.5 stars)
I've finally seen it! There has been so much hype on this movie it's insane and, as its written by our very own J.K. Rowling, why wouldn't it have?
I was fangirling so freaking much when the Warner Bros logo came on with the Harry Potter theme the background!
Wow! Okay! Fangirl over, I promise.
A solid four point five out of five stars and, while I did absolutely love it- I have to add my two pence to the budding debate- is it better than dear old Harry Potter?
In my opinion, no! You can't beat classic Harry Potter. How can you compete with Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Lupid, Neville Ron, Dobby, Hagrid, Fred and George? And no villain can ever beat Umbridge! (Also Voldemort...)
I went into this movie knowing next to nothing and I like that- it was great to be surprised with all the effects and characters. The only thing that might get a bit confusing is the names of all the characters and creatures- everything flies at you so fast that it's sometimes a struggle to keep up and catch everything.
Of course I'd recommend this movie! It's a no-brainer. Go see it!

Newt Scamander is the world's new heart-throb, I swear. He's cute, socially awkward and prefers animals over humans. So, in other words....perfect?
Tina was also cool- and love interest??? I wasn't a massive fan of her to start with but I grew to like her as the movie went on.

As opposed to her sister, I loved Queenie from the second I saw her. That part where she hides her suitcase? It's lady things. She's brilliant! They wouldn't have made it out without her. She's was so sweet and I'm all for the relationship with Jacob. (I don't care if it's cliché- hot girl falls for unattractive guy- I love them! And I wouldn't even say that Jacob is unattractive!).
Jacob was also wonderful. He added the comedic relief that the movie needed. It was great to see him try to play it cool. Of course I've seen house elves. My uncle's a house elf. 
I did find the ending a tad bit disappointing. Jacob forgets. Newt leaves. And I'm left with a gaping hole in my chest that can only be replaced by buying as much Fantastic Beasts merch as I could find (which I did).
I liked the whole obscurial plot- it was interesting and I love how it can be applied to the original Harry Potter books- was Ariana Dumbledore an obscurial?
The magical creatures introduced in this movie were phenomenal! While my brother favours the Niffler, I have to stick with the Bowtruckle. Pickett was the cutest thing ever and I would love to have my very own Pickett! A Thunderbird (also known as Frank) was also introduced which also happens to be an Ilvermorny house. I hope we get to see some of the others in future films- *cough cough* Horned Serpent over here- and meet brand new creatures as well.
The CGI was (obviously) better in these films and I was totally blown away with how amazing everything looked. I also happened to love the fact that it was set in New York. Ever since I visited New York I've wanted to go back and it was great to see it again. The time period was also right up my street- who doesn't love the 1920's? It was so much more courteous, polite and civilized (as opposed to the tight clothes and selfies of this lovely generation). I adore the formality of it all.
I wasn't expecting to see Johnny Depp! I knew he'd be playing Grindelwald but I wasn't expecting to see him in the first movie. They did well keeping that a secret! It looks like it's going to get good!
Honestly, I'm a bit stuck in my ways- British ways. I'm extremely loyal to the British wizardry world. Mainly, I can't get over how weird 'No-maj' sounds and it kind of saddens me that this new generation being introduced to the wizardry world will grow up to naturally say this- it will always be muggle!!
I also prefer the Ministry of Magic over a president (because, let's face it America, how great are your decisions when it comes to picking presidents?).
So, yes I'm very much loyal to the British wizarding world (the original wizarding world) thank you very much. And yes, Hogwarts, hands down beats Ilvermorny. And no, Queenie, it's not Hogswash! 

Funniest quote for me:
Mary Lou: Are you a seeker? 
Newt: I'm more of a chaser, really.
(He means Quidditch!!! He's so damn cute!)

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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