Thursday, 8 December 2016

TVD 8x06 'Detoured On Some Random Backwards Path to Hell' TV TALK

Team Parent!!
'Detoured on some random backwards path to hell' is a Caroline Forbes quote which I think works extremely well for this episode as Caroline, in my opinion, is the leading lady.

What an episode! A lot of the plans were unveiled in this episode and so much happened! Everything unfurled and the action was brutal!

Caroline doesn't deserve this pain!!!!!
Right from the beginning I was pumped to see Alaric and Caroline defend their kids and fight for them! And that's just what we got. We started the episode with a very threatening encounter between Ric and Seline. And well done to Alaric! Seline actually looked scared at Ric's threat! Hell yeah, you go, Ric!
The family reunion siren edition was fun! I didn't expect such a prickly atmosphere between the two. I was expecting...two masterminds joining forces but...I don't blame Sybil for being a bit mad. She had a perfectly legitimate reason to be. But watching them bicker through the whole episode was a hilarious highlight for me.
My Steroline heart was breaking in this episode. I totally understand where Carebear was coming from but watching her give that ring back was soul-wrenching.

As soon as Damon heard that there was an escape route from hell, he bloody jumped for it. He was a man with a plan. The thought of receiving a get-out-of-hell-free card he was all too exciting for him. I knew he wanted to replace the sirens with him and Stefan as soon as he got Stefan involved. Oh Stefan... why would you agree? (Okay, I know why you would but why do you have to be the perpetual hero?)
Watching Caroline and Ric fight was actually painful. They both have so much dedication to their kids (their kids, okay Ric?) and watching them argue was heart-wrenching. Caroline is their mother and nothing will change that- I can't believe Alaric threw that in her face!
Caroline loses her kids and Stefan in one episode- life is too unfair! Bonnie better step up as best friend- their positions are flipped now and Bonnie better be there for Caroline.
That end, though! Sybil played Seline so well! Wasn't that a bitch slap in the face or what, Seline? Sybil is truly brilliant! But I still want to know what plans she's cooking up...
The whole time I was watching Alaric brutally murder Damon, I was thinking back to Season 3 where Alaric 'dies' the first time and they were both crying and they were brothers. Oh, Dalaric, what happened?
And of course Damon isn't dead! He's made a deal with the devil! Cade won't let him just die! Dying is probably a freaky ritual they have to do to become Cade's servant or something.
I know this isn't the forefront of everyone's mind but...aren't they forgetting someone? Georgie!! Does Alaric know what happened to her? I hope this gets cleared up.

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