Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Strings- Original Poetry

Sorry for yet another depressing poem... I can't seem to channel any positive emotions in my writing...


we tied a knot
a piece of string
and wrapped it round out wrists

a friendship bracelet, we said
to keep each other close
and wear our memories proud

but our wrists have changed
grown bigger with the weight of the world
swollen with plans that aren't our own

the strings are getting tighter and tighter
turning into handcuffs
cutting the circulation of our relationship

they're fraying at the ends
unravelling at the seams
clinging to the fragility of our wrists

and yours is different to mine
lined with newer, brighter colours
heavy under the pressure of strangers to me

while mine is bare and cold
crumbling material hanging on by a thread
forgotten and dyed with red

but i still cling to its tatters
desperate for the stitched past
of laughter and trust alike

i yearn for the times
when i was the only bracelet
gracing your delicate skin

but time has decayed along with us
so i can only hope for a stronger future
and a string that will never break

-Chloe Harris, November 2017

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. Thanks for posting this - it takes a lot of guts!

    1. thanks. poetry's probably the only way i express my feelings- i like understanding them and structuring them into something creative.