Thursday, 22 February 2018

Agent Carter 1x02 'Bridge and Tunnel' TV TALK

I'm enjoying this series, but this episode wasn't as good as the pilot in my opinion. There were a lot of things that just went straight over my head. However, there was nice moments of humour that made it all the more enjoyable and I do love these characters that we've been introduced to. I think the series has a lot of potential and will get better as it goes along- every show needs time to find its footing.

Cap mentions: 13
(I decided to add this Captain America counter for each episode because I find it interesting how much Cap influences this plot despite him not even starring!!)

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The first thing I wanted to mention was the Captain America radio show threaded throughout the episode. I really liked it! I loved how Peggy would roll her eyes at hearing it and the show parallelled nicely when it came to the fight scene nearer the end.
The episode started with Peggy going undercover, looking for the van that contained all of Stark's super bombs. I love seeing Peggy going undercover because she's so cool and confident and empowering.
Jarvis insisted to help and I am hella quickly falling in love with him. He's so chivalrous and funny and makes the show so much more entertaining!
The SSR got hold of some pictures of the 'blonde' (aka. Peggy) from the party in the previous episode and I was so wary the entire time that it would give Peggy away. Luckily, Peggy is a smart girl and made sure none of the pictures revealed her identity.
The SSR then go on to search the factory employees for radiation to determine whether they were at the bombing from last episode. Peggy just about manages to clean herself of the radiation in time and they track down the man that was there, Van Ert. He's beaten for information by Thompson but doesn't reveal a thing.
Peggy tracks down the van of super bombs with Jarvis and Brannis shows up to try and stop them. The van explodes in a river (nice graphics) and Brannis dies after a major ass-kicking from Peggy. Brannis quickly warns her that Leviathan is coming and draws a heart symbol in the dirt before he kicks the bucket.
Jarvis tends to Peggy's wounds when they get back to safety and I'm really loving the platonic growth of their relationship. I think they'll grow really close and be really supportive and reliable friends for each other.
And, finally, we had Peggy moving into Angie's building. I absolutely love Angie and can't wait for her to more involved so this was really exciting.

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