Tuesday, 27 February 2018

February Wrap Up 2018

I feel like I did pretty well with reading and watching fiction this month- especially as it's the shortest month of the year! I feel like I read more than I watched which is another unusual trend but a great one because I really wanted to get back into reading lots.

Falling Kingdoms- Morgan Rhodes
* * * * *
I got this book for my birthday last month and I really want to delve into it because I've wanted it for a really long time and I was also in a fantasy mood. It took a bit of concentration when going into it because there's a lot of characters and different things to remember about this world but, once you've got that down, this book is amazing! To me, Falling Kingdoms is a blend of Throne of Glass, Game of Thrones and Poison Study so it's definitely a fantasy read to pick up.
Falling Kingdoms Book Talk

Ready Player One- Ernest Cline (Book of the Month)
* * *
This was mine and Kaitlin's Book of the Month for February because neither of us had read it and there's a movie adaptation coming out next month- so we really needed to get a move on. I've had this book for years and have just never had the motivation to pick it and.... I have no idea why because it was amazing! Sure, a lot of the video game references went over my head but it was still a fun and gripping book. But I'll also admit that I did skim read most of the exposition because... there was a lot of exposition.
Book Talk to come!!

Rebel Spring- Morgan Rhodes
* * * * *
And then I moved on to the second book in the Falling Kingdoms series because I just couldn't resist. This was a great sequel and really intensified my obsession for this series further. It was full of twists and exciting scenes and it was just so easy to read- I flew through it.
Book Talk to come!!

Gathering Darkness- Morgan Rhodes
* * * * *
And then I found that I couldn't stop with this series. Gathering Darkness is the third in the Falling Kingdoms series and was just as good as the first two. It had all the character relationships that I loved and it's so rewarding to see how much the characters have developed and how far they've come.
Book Talk to come!!

Frozen Tides- Morgan Rhodes 
* * * * *
Why stop there? Almost against my will, I shoved myself into the fourth book in the series and didn't regret any second of it (even when I neglected more than one homework assignment). This is what I love about fantasy series- the world expands so much and the plot gets more and more complex and intricate- making it ten times more interesting. I will say that this series gets quite complicated with love interests almost to the point where the relationships become a bit too quick, fickle and meaningless... but that's my one and only fault.
Book Talk to come!!

Crystal Storm- Morgan Rhodes
* * * * *
I took a couple of days break between reading Frozen Tides and Crystal Storm because I'd been flying through this series pretty quick and just needed some time to clear my head and to build up some anticipation for the last two books. But this book was just as good (if not amazingly better) than the others. It was as fast-paced as ever and has a beautifully- albeit occasionally frustrating- romance.
Book Talk to come!

Agent Carter Season 1
* * * * *
While I started this series in January, I finished it in February and loved it!! Because if it's Marvel, I will no doubt love every second of it. This show follows Agent Peggy Carter, who was Captain America's love interest in The First Avenger. But Peggy's so much more than just a love interest- proven by the fact that she gets her own show!! She's such a bad-ass and empowering character and this show had everything you could possibly want- mystery, comedy and a bit of romance.
Agent Carter 1x01 TV Talk

Harry Brown
* *
While this was a decent movie, it wasn't really my cup of tea. My media class was made to watch it in order to analyse some of the representations within and Mega Warning: it's super graphic and violent- not for the faint hearted. The story was interesting and very thought-provoking but I wouldn't watch it again. It did, however, earn bonus points by having a trifecta of Game of Thrones actors in it- Davos, Walder Frey and Jorah. They all brought a smile to my face.

* * *
My brother made me watch this movie because he's obsessed with Disney and we both have a love of Greek mythology which suggests this is the perfect movie, doesn't it? But while this film was generally enjoyable, it was so astonishingly factually inaccurate and the plot fell flat in quite a few places for me personally. Sure, it was a bit of fun but it didn't go any further than that.

Hunted Season 3
* * * * *
You probably haven't heard of this but Hunted is a UK reality TV show and it is so good!! The premise is that nine ordinary people go on the run from a group of expert Hunters and have to survive 25 days without being caught. This competition spreads across the entire country and they can go absolutely anywhere- all for the chance to win £100,000. But the Hunters are so clever! They check CCTV, bank accounts, they track your cars, yours phone calls and the entire show is an intense thing- you're constantly on the edge of your seat. This was such a great series and I'd definitely recommend giving it a try- here's the TRAILER if you want a sneak as to what it's like!

Black Panther
* * * * *
Me and my brother went to see Black Panther on the day it came out because we are just that obsessed. And, obviously, I loved it! I've always said that Black Panther will never be my favourite Avenger but this movie stood really well on it's own. It had a brilliant mix of culture, humour and, of course, epic fight scenes. The ladies also slayed in this movie which was always really refreshing and empowering to see.
Black Panther Movie Talk

Love, Rosie (Re-watch)
* * * * * 
Me and my mum were in the mood for a rom-com so we settled down with one of my favourites. Love, Rosie is a film adaptation of Cecelia Ahern's novel, Where Rainbows End (which I also love) and is such a lovable and easy film to watch. It stars both Lily Collins and Sam Claflin and is just one of my all time favourite movies to watch. It's funny, entertaining and super cute as well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. I feel similarly about Hercules...it's fine, but I was really into Greek mythology as a kid, so watching something that is so blatantly inaccurate hurts a little. It's still fun, but nowhere near one of my favourite Disney movies. And aw, Love, Rosie is great!

    1. I was cringing through the entirety of Hercules!