Saturday, 30 July 2016

Potter Challenge- In honour of The Cursed Child

In honour of The cursed Child release tomorrow (!!!!), I have decided to do the Potter Challenge! I've quickly answered each question because there are a few of them! I'd love to know your own favourite moments of the Harry Potter world!!

1. Your house
Ravenclaw (of course...)
And my Ilvermorny house is Horned Serpent, if you're interested.

2. Fave magical creature
Dragons- if not, I'd go owls but I didn't think they were... magical enough to count as a magical creature.

3. Fave Quote
"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore

4. Fave muggle
Hermione's parents??? I've never really given it a thought.

5. Fave book
Order of the Phoenix/ Half Blood Prince (I can't make up my mind!!!!)

6. Fave moment of book 1
The chess game...I like chess.

7. Fave Molly Weasley moment
"Not my daughter you bitch!"- That was one of the best moments in the entire things in my books.

8. Book Ron vs Movie Ron
I like them equally, to be honest. No preference.

10. Least favourite character
Umbridge. I hated her more than Voldemort but... I love to hate her!

11. Fave part of Hogwarts

12. Fave movie
Order of the Phoenix

13. Fave Weasley
Fred and George, any day. (They count as one person, okay?)

15. Least favourite male character
Peter Pettigrew- I hated the guy!

16. Least fave movie character
Ginny- and not because I don't love Ginny- I do- but book Ginny was so much better! Book Ginny kicked ass, was sassy and didn't aimlessly sit around waiting for Harry. Movie Ginny...didn't do much.

17. Fave teacher
Lupin- it always has been. Sorry, Dumbledore

18. Favourite ship
In the books: Harry/Ginny In the movies: Hermione/Ron

19. Fave couple
*See above*

20. Fave Hogwarts student
Hermione or Luna Lovegood.

21. Funniest quote
Anything Fred and George have ever said.

23. Least fave book
The Philosopher's Stone

24. Fave magical food
Chocolate frogs and, as a beverage, it has to Butter Beer

25. Fave Marauder
Padfoot (Sirius Black)

26. Rita Skeeta good or bad?

27. Griffindor pros and cons
Pros- They're the 'popular' house that everyone wants to be in
Cons- Rivalry with Slytherin

28. Best Weasley twin moment
The firework thing in Order of the Phoenix- I loved that!

29. Dream wizarding job
Working for the Quibbler

30. Books or movies.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know your thoughts! See you soon,

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