Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Long Conversation- Cassandra Clare Mini BOOK TALK

A Long Conversation is a novella that shows a small but amazing scene back in the perspectives of Clary, Jace and Co. It is set during the time of Lady Midnight and I read this after Lady Midnight because it was at the back of my copy.
It was such a lovely and nostalgic novella that gave me all the feels. If you haven't already read it, I would recommend going and searching for it because it is certainly worth it.


I feel like, in this mini BOOK TALK, I'll just be talking about how cute my ships were but... oh, well!
Let's start with Malec because they were gorgeous as usual. Whenever they were mentioned my Malec heart was fangirling so hard. It's so cute to see them with their kids because they make such amazing parents!

And it's amazing to find that Izzy and Simon are getting married! And that Clary and Simon are parabatai (we kind of assumed that anyway)!
But the main part in this little extract was the Clace proposal!!! This had me jumping up and down in my seat and it was so typical that Cassandra Clare interrupted it! When reading Lady Midnight, I didn't think twice about Clary and the gang coming to help Emma and Co. But now....
Why did the LA institute have to interrupt Jace's proposal? I was so frustrated by the end of this short story but, at the same time, so extremely happy that Clace are getting married!!
It's so satisfying to see the future of these well-loved characters because, in most books, we don't get that look into the future. So, I'm ecstatic that we have for the TMI characters.

Thanks for reading this Mini BOOK TALK. Comment any thoughts! See you soon,

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