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I've recently been to see this movie and it completely blew me away. It was stunning and I literally just want to go and see it again and again and again.
It was original and so refreshing.
I haven't yet read the book so I cannot compare it to the book but I've heard that the actors are very loyal to the characters.
The set for this movie was beautiful and I am completely obsessed with this movie's soundtrack. Including the talents of Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons, the music fitted the story immaculately. As soon as I heard Ed Sheeran in the background, I knew I'd be dissolving into a puddle of tears. Damn, Ed Sheeran!
If you haven't already watched this, I would strongly recommend it. I can't say whether it's worth reading the book but, in general, I would advise it.

The first thing I freaked out about with this movie was Neville!!! I can't think what his real name is but Neville Longbottom was in this movie I had no idea beforehand!! The joy I had when first seeing him was huge and I started fangirling right then and there in the cinema (and this was only a couple of minutes in). He is such a great actor and I could not stop smiling whenever he was on screen.
This film was so much funnier than I would've thought. All I'd heard about this movie was that it was a tearjerker and this immediately makes me think that the film will be morose and depressing. It was anything but! (If you exclude the ending...) Lou and Will exchange so many witty quips and it made me smile like an idiot. Will's dry and sarcastic humour was amazing because, personally, that's my favourite sense of humour. They both had me laughing and it gave the film such a light and endearing tone.

The whole cast in this production was stunning. There were many familiar faces and the actors played their roles extremely well.
Louisa is the most likeable character I have ever seen! She's charming and so freaking positive! I've heard that a major part of Lou's identity is her fashion and this was brilliantly prominent in this movie. The clothes choices were executed beautifully and it was such a realistic and bright addition to Lou's character. (Even bumblebee tights give me the feels now).
The progression of Lou and Will's friendship was smooth and effortless. It was heart-warming, endearing and heart-breaking. Every scene either had me smiling or crying. Lou is the bubbliest personality and watching how much impact she had on Will's life was stunning.
And, obviously, we need to talk about the ending.
I. Could. Not. Deal.
Again, I haven't read the book yet so I didn't know what to expect. I'd assumed that he would probably die but the way that it happened made it all the more painful. I think the saddest part with this sort of ending is seeing how hopeless Will is. He lost everything and gave up completely on hope and the will to carry on.
I don't usually cry in cinemas- I don't like crying in public at all- but this movie had me sobbing and I usually rein in the emotional trauma if I'm watching with other people. Trust me, I'll be a wreck when I watch by myself in the future.
Overall, I bloody loved this movie and can't wait to jump into the book next month where I'll be certain to fall into floods of tears.

Thanks for reading! Comment any thoughts you had on this movie! See you soon,
Chloe x

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